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05.09.2016 05:57

Albion Online: True "Hardcore" MMO PvP

This is how PvP works in the world of Albion Online or for that matter the entire experience past yellow pvp zones.

Playing Albion as a solo or duo is beyond a nightmare. There basically is no PvP you can partake in. You will find yourself spending hours on end grinding mobs in PvP zones in order to upgrade your items only to have zergs and large parties that heavily outnumber you constantly trying to murder you.

The life of a small group or solo player in this game is entirely one of hide and seek. It gets really boring after awhile. How many of us are tired of zoning into one of the few farmable red zones only to have 8 players jump out of the woods and annihilate us.

Oh look the they got you. Time to spend thirty seconds rebuying your gear at the auction house for the


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