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19.09.2016 04:27

Albion Online: I agree that having 3rd

Yeah I don't understand these posts. If you venture out to the red zones and keep a few nodes away from any ports or cities you can rake in high level/rare resources. Every time I go through these zones I'm shocked at two things, one is I almost never see anyone out there, and the second is just how many resource nodes are up and full.

I don't know, maybe it's much worse in the black Albion Online Silver zones. As far as entire teams being fielded in ultra rare 6.4+ gear, I personally think the entire enchantment system is bloated and needs to be reworked before release. Do we really need 5 tiers of enchantments on top of artifact/hellgate gear?

I agree that having 3rd best material in 2 weeks is a terrible design. However they need to limit progression in another way other then pure fame to prevent players playing 18+ hours a week to achieve


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