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26.07.2016 05:52

Riders of Icarus: I want to know all about the game

its like pokemon GO but with classes but srly game is in open beta so we got 25 lvl cap and 3 dungs and 1 big boss,there is alot of mission to lvl up your charakter.Dungs focus on tanks,heals,dps so its rly fast to find party.Combat is rly good,you can combo your skills to get more effects like more dmg for Riders of Icarus Gold. (ofc you can combo how you want to get others effects on monster or players). PvP for now is unbalanced but PvE is rly good. I rly enjoy this game and wait for more patches 

The game right now is fun but the combat is very... ordinary and no where as fun as say TERA's combat.

Besides the boring-ish combat and the game not having much content right now. It's got about 3-5days worth of play for one character.


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