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12.07.2016 05:40

Riders of Icarus: the cap changed from 75 to 85

If you can read or speak Korean, the best pet mmorpg ever made is called Icarus Online. I still have a level 50 or 60 something floating around their servers with u/vanityconcubine Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. It's still quite graphic intensive as well, the only sad thing is is it's never been localized to the US.

The game's ported to NA already, it's under the name of "Riders of Icarus", official port and on the final closed beta stage!(and yeah, it's under Nexon but until now it doesn't have any p2w itens on cash shop atleast) 

No they are not weak, their pets are. They are just there for support, not damage. Don't know much since I quit long long ago (after the cap changed from 75 to 85) (RoR expansion) but still check forums and stuff every now and then because some friends still play.


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