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09.09.2016 05:31

you can still trade without violating Albion

Every account is linked to one specific email address. Multiple registrations, as well as the setting up and operation of multiple accounts at our Services are allowed under certain conditions. Prohibited is the use of multiple accounts when being logged into their respective characters at the same time for the purpose of engaging in such activities as direct interaction, trading, any form of cooperation, mutual support outside the designated player islands, guild islands, player cities or guild owned Albion Online Silver. It is further prohibitited to use multiple accounts at the same time to jointly engage in any type of player vs. player or player vs. environment combat as well as to jointly engage in gathering in the game world. It is the User's responsibility to remain informed about all rules and 

you can still trade without violating the Terms in a red\black city. so there's no need to violate them?


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21.06.2016 07:07

Albion Crafting Items Rolling Stats

I was thinking about crafting items e.x armors and weapons with diffrent stats beetwen one tier

E.X t4 armor right now have same stats each for armor, resists etc, in my idea crafter would roll stats for item when crafting it. e.x t4 cloth armor would have window beetwen x and y value for armor and crafted values would be rolled from this window, as the crafter would be more experience in crafting that particular line of armors possibility to roll better stats would be bigger.

I think it would make a marketplace even more valuable place to earn Albion Online Silver and power economy in albion. Its also would end this funny idea with rolling item for better quality for bilions in silver and would give ppl opportunity to go and play than spend hours to get good quality items.

They sort of have this already in the form of item quality itself. Higher qualities have better stats


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19.06.2016 16:55

Albion Online: the ease of using bots

I am usually all in favor of increasing accessibility and making the game all around more FUN to play, for both the casual and the advanced gamer. I do not however feel that tab targeting would be a good addition to the game. Picking targets and having to manually select moving targets is part of what elevates a player in terms of skill or the help of Albion Online Gold. It makes abilities like stealth/blink become more interesting, and makes the use of terrain more important/interesting as well.

As to the ease of using bots : Giving players a way of auto targeting monsters without a manual mouseclick directly on the monster SIGNIFICANTLY increases the ease of botting. For programmers like myself you are correct in that bots can be made either way, but the EASE of setting up automated killing is significantly increased with tab targetting.


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