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11.05.2016 05:59

BNS Blackram Narrows is one of the daily challenges today

I queue up for it using LFP and get paired with 2 level 50's and a level 21, so through the run, I'm watching the lvl 21's back in case the mobs kill him, while being as quick as I can to keep up, since one of the level 50's ran through non-stop, killing bosses and getting us burnt to death in the fire at the entrance, then carries on running and kills the next boss while we ask, please wait to Buy BNS Gold, we're coming - but nope, she ran straight to the last boss and killed him before we could get to the portal, then left the group instantly... so we failed our daily challenge quest because players are allowed to do this? 

Yeah, I was watching low leves in some stuff in tomb of exiles for the daily. And, this high lvl. Which annoyingly had basically had 80ap less than me. Just runs through everything in the beginning. Which is stupid because you have to kill the two captains in tomb of exiles to get the first door open.


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