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30.03.2016 11:20

RuneScape accounts should be colour coordinated

I think when jagex first suspect account of botting, RWT etc, when that initial investigation is going on, that is when they should determine if an account could have possibly been highjacked or not and a colour mark should be dotted on that account. I believe Jagex should pretty much know if it is a honest highjacked account or not... 

All banned accounts should be colour coordinated to if an account was botted, RWT etc by account owner, possible true highjack and false highjack...

So when they do these un-banning threads they already have an idea where to go with each account and if an account needs futher investigation or not. A majority of them, straight away is definitely no because it has a red mark beside it for absolute botting, RWT etc to Buy Runescape Gold. A blue mark for arranged highjacking type scenario and purple for futher investigation if needed.


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