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25.03.2016 09:31

Simply ignore Cuilan and iYxx in Blade And Soul

I'll even go as far to say thank you for taking the time to post this here. The publishers scummy behavior should always be known to the community. Simply ignore Cuilan and iYxx, they have the publishers dick so far up their asses they get confused and think they work for NCWest sometimes, constantly defending them like rabid fanboys. 

Seems like they can't handle banning bots one by one, so they use the simple macro way to ban bots, fight fire using fire, ban bots using bots.

Which would result in an automatic ban in case you fit the requirements to be banned, cheap way cheap MMOs use..

But yeah, just send another ticket and hope you get someone who would listen to you and check all your account's logs carefully instead of someone who's ready to do everything to keep you banned.


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