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08.03.2016 07:49

FFXIV - Ex's except for Thordan

Didn't know the mechanics honestly and I've done VA plenty of times as well as all the Ex's except for Thordan. So I didn't think anything of A1N (also figuring that you know, people would speak up and tell me if I need to know anything when I ask...). I queued up with some friends. We consisted of the 2 tanks (WAR and PLD) and 2 DPS (MCH and SUM). First up, Faust. We tell the party both tanks are new and I simply ask if there was anything we should know. My friend who has run it (MCH) said it's pretty straight forward and another party member said the same. We start pull, and oh hey, look. An add. nbd. Now my thought process was to just keep hitting Faust. Oh hey, another add. They still haven't killed the 1st one. W/e, guess we're burning. They'll take care of it. Annnnd another add. And another and another. Is no one going to pull them? Our healer's are almost dead? Now since no one is picking up or killing the adds and they are pummeling our healers, I decided that perhaps I should


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02.03.2016 07:11

The High Level roulette in FFXIV

And here is where we end the cycle of awesomeness

Queue up for High Level roulette with my boyfriend. He's leveling Ninja at the moment and I am leveling Monk. We get Snowcloak.

Tank is new. Healer is new. Ohboy.

Tank is full slaying, every once in a while they seem to dip really low or flat out die, but my boyfriend and I are burning through trash so quickly we don't really notice or pause to consider why. Healer doesn't seem to be raising them except out of combat with slow cast, pretty unusual, but we don't really look into it. We just wanna smack things.

We get to the 2nd boss and my boyfriend explains the mechanics, it's a little rocky at first, but it goes down quicker and smoother than it did the first day Snowcloak came out (20 minute Yeti fights,


Автор: Статус: offline tamamshamoon   Теги:  ffxiv 

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