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18.05.2016 05:52

BnS: physical computers to run their bots on

Those posts were just purely speculation based on my knowledge of bots and experience from other games. I mean, even if some official public announcement was made to say "hey guys, stop buying BNS Gold if you want to lessen the bots", chances are the people buying either won't even be reading this stuff or they couldn't give a flying F about it and still keep buying gold. Keeping bots in a game is handled by real people, and those real people are doing it because that's how they're making a living. 

It takes actual, physical computers to run their bots on, and computers take up space which they have actual rooms dedicated to running them in. This also means that the space they have to place their computers to run bots in is also limited, so a single bot organization can only have so many bots running at a time in any particular game. People that Buy BNS Gold are literally giving these guys free


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25.04.2016 07:28

Assassin learning curve of Blade & Soul

I suppose they'll make an "assassin week" stream soon to go over the rotations and specifics, but I want to be prepared for CBT just in case 

Meanwhile on the BnS subredit... "Too much text for my liking. I'll be skipping this one, Johnny." Haha... Haha... ha.. ha... It would be a miracle if someone actually took their time and effort to deal with BNS Gold. TLDR - How difficult is the pve learning curve for the Assassin and how should I maintain dps when attacking enemies?

I've reached level 31 by the end of Alpha and so far the assassin has been pretty fun to play imo. I've gotten used to finding the sweet spot behind the enemy before stealthing + stunning. While the enemy is stunned, I'd spam slash/heart stab to kickoff the dps while adding in the occasional flying leaf, dodges, backsteps, leaf frenzies, shock kills, and mines.


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13.04.2016 09:23

Cash grab MMO BNS NCSoft

How come there's siren and pirate tokens in the cash shop? Good god that means I can buy gear with real money. Plus I can Buy BNS Gold with real money so that means you're practically selling power. Cash grab MMO BS NCSoft. You should change this before I and my dozens of friends quit this game. Okay so...This may look like a wall of text, but it's actually just a test to see if people actually read the post before commenting. Why the hell do you make the siren path cheaper anyways? That's practically forcing people into buying NCoins to spend on their gear since no one really runs the 24 man versions anymore. It's come to my attention that a lot of people in this forum are guilty of reading only the title of a thread and replying to that. So if you're reading this part, make sure to reply to this post and include the name of some kind of pastry in your reply. And what about oathbreaker? It looks cheaper at first but then people are sucker punched and have to grind way too much for a casual


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07.04.2016 09:30

Blade And Soul Change "Engines" Mid Way

You can't really change "engines" mid way. Well you could, if the development team prepared to do so from the beginning. But it's really really rare for a game or a software for that matter to undergo such changes. Normally when people talk about 'further optimization', engine-wise it can be a new release/build for the U3 engine, or different lines of codes used to process a certain task, or splitting one tasks into more threads to distribute the load, or something else entirely.

An engine is like the your house's foundation with Blade And Soul Gold, you can improve your house, make additional terrace, new fences or windows, even a new garage, or a shiny new paint. But you can't change the foundation. 

that's a massive cop out. wow was several of the new pioneers into the mmo biz. just because they had shitty optimization, doesn't mean NCSoft gets a free pass because they refused to learn from anothers


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