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04.05.2016 05:44

Making the BNS PvP, PvE, and Dungeon skill point selections more useful

Hello. As of the current build, the PvP, PvE, and Dungeon "one click" skill point selections are pretty useless for most classes. As far as I can tell, they hail back from the days of Blade And Soul 1.0, and there were very little changes in the selections since then. One simple change can make this infinitely more useful. I'm sure you collect the data for skill point utilizations across all characters. So, have the buttons do something like this:

PvP: average of the skill selections of all BNS Gold or higher players in arena of your class in the last 10,000 games or all games in the past month

Dungeon: average of the skill selections of all players of your class that cleared the last 4 hero dungeons (last 10,000 players or last month)

PvE: average of the skill selections of all players level 40 or greater of your class in the past month,


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20.04.2016 09:19

Blade & Soul - "15 year old happy bubble"

I can see why the Gaming Industry is in ruins with posts like these. People just handing over their money for something that should be free. I have been a MMO player for over 15 years and developers have got greedier and greedier because they know mainstream commercial idiots will just hand over their hard earned money..If your paying a Premium its no longer a free to play game and should get basics things to enjoy the game.. You should be ashamed if you feel proud about buying founders pack for a game that was developed over 4 years ago. And are happy because they get free slots BNS Gold. It's really not smart handing over a 125 dollars. this gives them the incentive to be even more greedy. Enjoy your retarded founders pack. You just gave Ncsoft and other deveolpers permission to walk all over Gamers in the future..Whats Next faster latency slots, High textures packs.. Don't feel proud about Destroying the gaming Industry


Автор: Статус: offline tamamshamoon   Теги:  blade and soul 

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29.03.2016 07:18

PSA: Why showing bot names on forums is a bad blade and soul idea

To put it plain and simple, alot of botters are also members of the actual community, these people may frequent the forums for this game.

When said botter sees a bot they made show up on the forums in a screenshot/youtube post, they know ahead of time its going to be banned, its basically like an early alert system for the botters.

Now, despite the account getting banned, this early warning gives them time to redistribute the BNS Gold on that bot account to other subsidiary accounts, thus allowing the botter to continue doing their business of gold selling.

It's not name and shame, its kinda just basic logic when you think about it. As to why NCsoft staff are hush about this reasoning, I have no clue. Just remember that when you show bot names on the forums in your screencaps/gifs/videos, your potentially giving an early warning to the bots owner to move


Автор: Статус: offline tamamshamoon   Теги:  blade and soul 

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20.02.2016 11:03

Dungeon Bidding System - Explained

I've seen numerous posts about this on both Dojo and here. Thus Blade-Soul felt like I would try to enlighten everyone with what is my understanding -- and please do correct me if I'm wrong -- of the Dungeon Bidding System.

What you bid is your money that is split between the other members of your party. To give an example it would be like this:

Party Members are Joe, Jim, Jessie, Jack.

Item drops! It's a Dumpling! Vendor value is 1c

- Everyone passes. The value of 1c is split between all members: I.E. 1c each.

Item drops! It's a Dumpling! Auction House Value is 20c

- Everyone passes. The value of 20c is split between all members.


Автор: Статус: offline tamamshamoon   Теги:  blade and soul 

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02.02.2016 09:51

OP divine buff gears in Blade & Soul

IN its current promised release version , NO its not slated to be anything like Archeage. But of course things might be all awesome in Beta and then on release the devs will bend you over and lube you up and fuck you over!!! Just like how Trion treated us in Alpha and then post release.

But BnS is not so heavily reliant on p2w gears or weapons. Like in Archeage where selling apex let you get OP divine buff gears and Blade & Soul Gold. Here in BnS sure you can still buy and sell cash shop items , get gold and buy your way to better gear but others who play for free are not so far behind, within a month of grinding even they can reach your level and infact you will be the fool who wasted money and got best in slot gears without even going thru the game...

Also they said gears in arena will be equalized so no matter how shitty or p2w you gear is, you are on equal footing in arena.


Автор: Статус: offline tamamshamoon   Теги:  blade and soul 

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01.02.2016 09:34

The Multiple Areas of Blade & Soul

BnS release in multiple areas already, and with NC Soft at the helm of another release I imagine it will be a popular game, I personally don't like how they are gating the NA release similar to what Trion did with AA but here's hoping they have a better time of it.

If they come through with the PvP Tournaments and everything is in place with out any major issues before BDO release that will be a big draw for Blade & Soul Gold. People looking for a great PvP mmo experience with possibility for a competitive scene have few options at the moment, GW2 is close with competitveness, and AA has good openworld pvp mechanics and similar style arenas 1v1 3v3 with gear standardization (in 2.5).

BDO is a bit of a different game its not focused on competitive PVP more on the game experience and open world PvP. They have some arena type pvp but its not fully fleshed out yet. The siege and Town


Автор: Статус: offline tamamshamoon   Теги:  blade and soul 

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29.01.2016 09:43

The Classes in Blade & Soul

Just decided to make a quick difficulty ranking for new players who are having trouble deciding on a class, and plan to mainly PvP. I've played BnS on the Korean server for almost 2 years now, and can vouch that PvP is a lot of fun! However spending a lot of time leveling up a character and gearing it out just to realize the playstyle is too difficult or your ping is too high to utilize the class effectively, can be frustrating. For players who consistently have over 200 ping, I would recommend playing Summoner or Lyn Blade Master (Blade Dancer), Destroyer would be an option as well. I recommend not playing KFM in PvP unless you consistently have under 100 ping-- The class is extremely reaction-based and can be only so effective with slower internet speeds.

Everyone thought the assassin who finished second was one of the most skilled players they had seen in a very long time. Sadly, even know the assassin was an insanely skilled player with Blade & Soul


Автор: Статус: offline tamamshamoon   Теги:  blade and soul 

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27.01.2016 07:37

I Prefer BNS Than Tera

For me the pay to short-cut to great PvP gear it what turned me off to Tera. You could level up your equipment to the next tier immediately or take months farming stuff in-game trying to upgrade you gear.The difference between someone fully upgraded and someone still working on their gear was pretty significant. It's borderline P2W and I hate how often that term is thrown around. I really respect that BnS levels the playing field for 1v1 3v3 but you can still enjoy your max tiered gear you've worked for in the open world PvP zones and PvE.

I sunk a crapton of hours into Tera when it launched and again recently when the gunner/steam launch came out. The end-game always threw me off though. I hit max level feeling lost/confused and I was always torn between being a tank/healer/dps wanting to be helpful/support but not wanting to be a wet noodle. BnS worried me because there was no trinity (and I really like playing tank/support) but the


Автор: Статус: offline tamamshamoon   Теги:  blade and soul 

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26.01.2016 07:32

Blade & Soul - Croaker Lagoon

You only want to upgrade your Hongmoon Weapon, which you'll get from your class quest in Bamboo Village. This weapon can be upgraded up to Level 45. The same is true for your Hongmoon Amulette, Ring and Earring, which you will also get from your class quest.

When you are at Croaker Lagoon (North of Jadestone Village, around Level 16 or 17), kill Ploggle King Giganura a few times. Using a few spare keys (but not all), open his loot boxes until you have a Ruby with 50-60 Additional Damage on Attack, and an Amethyst with 30-50 Life Leech or 30-50 Instant HP Recovery on Crit. They will help you greatly up to level 45.

Keep your Soul Shield up to date, but only replace parts if the stats are better. You will get the first set from the Wheel at Foshi Pyres (level 8). This set can be replaced at level 20, either with the Viridian Stone Soul Shield, bought with Viridian Stones from the Merchant in Jadestone Village (more


Автор: Статус: offline tamamshamoon   Теги:  blade and soul 

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25.01.2016 07:13

Blade & Soul 2016 Update

NCsoft's martial art MMORPG Blade & Soul already launched on Jan 19 and the whole launch is fine expect the overloaded servers which NCsoft is working on expanding server capacity and adding new servers.  

More specifically, the dev team is planning to add a series of events with the Mushin’s Tower coming first, which is a solo dungeon. Another dungeon they are planning to add focuses on the Bloodshade Harbor faction, with 6 players normal mode first and then adding the 4 player hard mode. Last they are adding a branching twenty four person instance called the Naryu Labyrinth which creates consequences for any path the players choose.

Later this year, Blade & Soul Items is going to have a new continent called the Silverfrost Mountains, which is also the first expansion and will bring level cap from 45 to 50. Also, the new class Warlock


Автор: Статус: offline tamamshamoon   Теги:  blade and soul 

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23.01.2016 06:37

Blade & Soul Daily Quests

Learn more about these repeatable tasks and their valuable rewards.

Quests to save the world are rarely ever complete. Throughout your travels you’ll experience a sweeping story of good and evil, and continually make progress toward your goals, but there are some tasks that can never truly be completed. These quests revolve around recurring regional problems, and offer you the ability to continually offer assistance each day for additional rewards.

It’s possible to complete 40 daily quests a day, and these can be identified by an infinity symbol overlaying a blue quest marker. This indicates that this quest is available again for you each day, you may need some Cheap Blade And Soul Gold and can optionally be completed again. You will also want to visit the centrally located Noticeboards—which offer the area’s daily quests directly—if you’re looking to efficiently take on a number of quests at the same time.


Автор: Статус: offline tamamshamoon   Теги:  blade and soul 

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22.01.2016 07:15

Some FPS issues I Meet in Blade & Soul

Hi, I participated in the last Beta, I wanted to give my feedback since that's all about when you get in a Beta for a game

I really liked this game, the maps, characters, bouncy outfits ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and more, but I was amazed of how bad is optimized this game

When in Towns the FPS go from 60 to 20 and even 15! when in combat drop fps from 80 to 20, unacceptable.

I tried all the configurations possible, graphic settings, and even tips I saw on Reddit BnS

Lets talk about the SLI performance:

its zero, none, it doesnt exist, the second GPU is sitting at 3% of load while the main GPU is under 97% of load and having trouble to play the game at stable FPS


Автор: Статус: offline tamamshamoon   Теги:  blade and soul 

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