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12.04.2019 06:50

Raymond Grinding Mill Used For Gypsum Powder

Gypsum powder Grinding Mill For Heavy Calcium Preparation can be divided according to purpose: building gypsum powder, chemical gypsum powder, gypsum powder mold, casting plaster powder. Especially with the rapid development of economy and the importance of environmental protection in recent years, has become a power plant power plant desulfurization process steps required to produce a large amount of gypsum, gypsum industry is the development of recycling economy construction needs, but many investors by a new bright spot.

With the industrial Advantages Of Ultrafine Mill milling industry, gypsum powder processing industries account for a large proportion. Gypsum powder gel material is one of the top five in the national economy plays an important role, is widely used in construction, building materials, industrial molds and artistic models, chemical industry and agriculture, food processing and pharmaceutical cosmetic


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26.06.2018 11:32

Raymond Mill's Role and Performance

First of all, we should understand the role and performance of Raymond Mill. It is to achieve the production purpose by squeezing the grinding material. In the production process, the parts that directly contact with the material will wear out faster. Grinding large objects will be slower, but they are collectively referred to as wearing parts.

Raymond mill mainly shovels the material through a blade, and then carries out the squeezing and Vertical Roller Mill through the high-speed rotation of the grinding roller and the grinding ring. The grinding roller is controlled by the hanging bearing chamber, so these are the materials that are in direct contact with the wear. Faster replacement of more frequent accessories, followed by the order of the main blade, blade seat, grinding roller, roller core, hanging, shaft, pin sets. The second is the grinding ring. The grinding roller is produced by grinding with a grinding ring, so the grinding


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