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17.04.2019 10:27

Iron ore dressing equipment for sale

Iron ore dressing Impact Crusher Spare Partsproduction lines with high efficiency, low energy, high volume, has the advantages of reasonable. The whole process is composed of jaw crusher, ball mill, main equipment machine classifier, magnetic separator, flotation machine, thickener and drying machine and so on, with the line of mineral processing production machine, hoist, conveyor can be composed of a complete. After and grading of the mineral mixture after magnetic separator, due to a variety of minerals than the susceptibility of different, through magnetic force and mechanical force to the magnetic material mixture. Subject to thickener initial concentration, then drying machine drying, drying of minerals can be obtained. The company provides free design for the majority of users, for users to reduce the cost of investment.

As an ideal grinding mill for secondary Parts For Vibration Screen, ball mill is an efficient pulverizer


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