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19.09.2020 10:41

How to Setup and Use iCloud Photo Library on Mac?

iCloud is a popular service used to store and sync data for easy accessibility across several iOS devices. iCloud Photo Library is a must-have if you wish to sync all your iOS smart gadgets wirelessly with Mac's photos. The Photo syncing service enables you to backup all your photos across all your linked devices. If you pay for iCloud services, then you will be able to store several photos and other items directly on the iCloud library. iCloud is a good service used to store your videos, photos etc. in a separate section that can be accessed on any device with internet connectivity.

Here is how to set up iCloud Photos Library directly on your Mac device with ease.

Setting Up iCloud Photo Library on Mac

In case you wish to set up iCloud Photo Library on your Mac, then follow these straightforward instructions:


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18.09.2020 14:57

How to Run Philips Hue Lights From Your Mac

Do you have Hue lights set up at your place? Well, there are multiple ways to control your smart appliances, including the use of Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri. However, if you choose not to speak and give commands to these devices, you have the remote right in your hands.

There are easy ways to control the Hue lights mechanism with the help of your Mac. It has in-built smart features that don't make controlling these smart appliances a tough job. You may also use third-party applications for the same.

Want to know more about different methods to run Hue lights at your home? Below is a guide on multiple options for controlling the Hue lights using Mac.

Using the Home App

Your Mac holds a similar version to the 'Home' app present on your iPhone and iPad, that can run all


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10.09.2020 15:27

How to Use Safari Autofill to Add Logins and Passwords on Mac

You might have noticed that when you visit any website that requires your login information, it prompts you to save the same on your Mac. The permission to save the info appears only once when you log in for the first time. However, even if you ignored the same for the first time, you can manually enter the details and save as autofill. At least, you'll finally be able to take off a load of remembering the login info.

All of you might visit various websites on a daily basis like email, social networking, shopping websites, etc. Therefore, you end up creating different accounts for all these websites. Well, Safari can make the job easier for you by saving the login info so that you never have to fill up the same each time you visit a website.

Are you interested to know more about the same and ready to take off the load? Below mentioned are the


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