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How to Set Up and Use Apple Pay on the Mac?

Смотреть 'How to Set Up and Use Apple Pay on the Mac?'

Apple is renowned worldwide for its reliability and efficiency alongside the sheer amount of devices it services it provides. One such service is Apple Pay, a safe and straightforward way of making payments. If you want to use the service on your Mac, then read through the blog. So, here are the steps to set up and use Apple Pay on the Mac.

Setup Apple Pay in Safari on MacBook

In case the user wishes to set up Apple Pay in Safari on MacBook, then they can pursue the mentioned instructions.

  • Launch the Safari on your system.
  • You should select the Safari and choose the Preferences option into the menu section.


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How to Add a Printer to Mac?

Смотреть 'How to Add a Printer to Mac?'

Want to set up your new or old printer with a Mac computer? Well, that's not very difficult either. In this article, we are going to teach you how to add your printer in your Mac's network.

How to Connect a Printer to Your Mac? 

Mac uses a unique technology known as AirPrint for creating the best printer output. This program automatically downloads and installs drivers for your printer when you connect a new printer to it. It means whether you want to use a wireless printer or own a wired printer that uses USB connectivity, your printer will be automatically setup. 


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How to Fix Finder Issues on Mac?

Смотреть 'How to Fix Finder Issues on Mac?'

Finder is with us all the time. The function of the Finder application is that it helps in searching not only apps but also documents and games fast and in a simple way. It will not be wrong to write that without it, using Mac will not be an easy task. So make it work as early as possible by going through this blog carefully.

Here's how to fix Finder issues on your Mac device

Fix 1: Launch the Finder one more time with the help of Dock

Follow the below-mentioned steps properly.

  1. Firstly, do a long press on the Option key.
  2. Then, do a right-click or else Control-click on Finder in the Dock.
  3. Note that a menu shallow pop-up.
  4. ...>>>

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How to Download, Install and Use TikTok on Windows or Mac

Смотреть 'How to Download, Install and Use TikTok on Windows or Mac'

TikTok is a social media video app that allows users to create and share short 3 to 60 seconds videos. TikTok is a great place to show talent and share knowledge. Users can create and share short lip-sync, music, and looping videos. It is currently one of the leading short video platforms in various regions of the world, including the United States and Asia. However, the TikTok app is limited to the Android and iOS platform. But, there are many users who want to access and watch the TikTok videos on their computer.

Source : http://hbnorton.com/how-to-download-install-and-use-tiktok-on-windows-or-mac/


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09.08.2019 17:35

How to Turn Off Proxy Settings?

Смотреть 'How to Turn Off Proxy Settings?'

Sometimes, because of malicious software, you might have to turn off the proxy settings. When your device is infected, you may face disruptions with internet access. Hence, you will have to disable the proxy settings. Read on and learn how to do so. 

SOURCE:  How to Turn Off Proxy Settings?  , Zone the firewall 

Using Chrome for Mac

If you want to turn off proxy settings in macOS through Google Chrome, you need to follow the steps given below.

● Firstly, you have to launch Google Chrome on your macOS.

● After that, you should click on the vertical ellipsis menu icon on your screen.


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30.07.2019 18:21

How to Stop Your Mac from Freezing Up?

Смотреть 'How to Stop Your Mac from Freezing Up?'

It is incredibly frustrating when the device screen freezes. Is your mac playing up? There can be a number of factors behind this problem. Apply the fixes given below to solve the problem.

SOURCE:  How to Stop Your Mac from Freezing Up?  ,  Zone Firewall

Prevent freezing

You can stop your Mac from getting frozen. Just follow the steps that are given below:

• If you’re running at the same time, then you’ll be able to complete high usage programs.

• After that, you can find your Mac programs consistently.


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How to Send Encrypted Emails in the Mac’s Mail App?

Смотреть 'How to Send Encrypted Emails in the Mac’s Mail App?'

Are you using your Mac Mail app for completing your work?  Or do you want to provide extra security in your Emails? If yes, you will need to encrypt all your emails messages in Mac’s Mail app by following a simple process. Although you need to know the exact process for doing it, here are some simple steps which you need to follow them in the way in mentioned in the screen. Well, it is a bit complicated, but here you will get comprehensive solutions via a few methods which are as follows.

  • Steps to Create a Personal Certificate
  • Steps to Send Encrypted Emails and Digitally Signed on Mac’s Mail App

In order to send encrypted emails in the Mac’s Mail App, one need to follow steps which are discussed below. These steps are sometimes more tricky and unable to resolved


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How to Map a Network Drive on Windows and Mac

Смотреть 'How to Map a Network Drive on Windows and Mac'

You can easily find out where to go. By creating the shortcut Let's go through the network drive.

Steps to map a network drive on Windows PC

• Go to the Start menu. Press on the Windows symbol given in the left-hand side of the display.

• Launch the File Explorer. Press on the folder-shaped symbol.

• Press on this PC option. You will find this option in the left hand screen.

• Press on the Computer folder. It is located in the PC screen. You will get the taskbar under the Computer folder.

• Press on the Map network drive symbol. It is the symbol given on the “Network” column


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How to View Subnet Mask in your OS

Subnet Mask is short for subnetwork, which means small networks in a large network. For faster data transferring, networks are broken up into small networks, i.e. subnetworks. Routers achieve this by using subnet masks, a number looks like an IP address but determines the subnetwork. For some tasks you may need a subnet mask address, it is easy to find a subnet mask. Here is how to find a subnet mask in Windows, macOS, and Linux operating system.

How to view subnet mask in Windows

Using Command Prompt:

1.    Press ‘Windows + R’ button and launch command prompt. Or, click ‘Start’ icon > type “command prompt” in search > press ‘Enter’ > click ‘Command Prompt’ in results.

2.    In the command prompt, type “ipconfig /all.” Type exactly as it is given, without quotes and does


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How to Set Default View for Folders & Subfolders on Mac

Mac users may find themselves stuck in a situation wherein all the Finder window keeps launching with different view options. Well, you can fix this by following the steps mentioned in the blog.

Steps to Set the Finder View  for Folders and Sub-Folders

•    Go to the “Finder” window by pressing on the “Finder” symbol located in the system dock or by pressing on the space given on the screen and choosing the “New finder” option by going to the “Finder’s folder” drop-down menu.

•    After the “Finder” options start showing on the screen, then you have to choose more than one symbol listed in the “Finder” option taskbar. Or choose any one type of “Finder”  you wish to get from the drop-down menu of Finder.

•    Once you have chosen the “Finder view” option, then you have to select the “Show View Options by


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How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone?

Смотреть 'How To Transfer Contacts From iPhone?'

Do you want to lose your iPhone? It feels awful having to lose essential contacts. This is a lot of problems.

The method of transferring contacts from iPhone to CVS / Excel

  1. Firstly, visit vCard to CSV / Excel for vCard.
  2. Then, press the file.
  3. Note: for Format, choose the CSV and Add it header line.
  4. Then, for doing the encoding, choose Unicode. And for the remaining, you don’t need to select anything.
  5. Next, check that a file should get downloaded to the system.
  6. Lastly, upload the file into Excel, Pages, etc. for using it.
  7. ...>>>

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How to create apple id on mac

Смотреть 'How to create apple id on mac'
To enjoy Apple’s services including iCloud Drive, iTunes, App Store, Apple Pay, Apple Music, Game Center, etc., an Apple ID is required. iTunes Store is a great place for exciting services and digital products like music, movies, audiobooks, apps and much more. If you have an Apple ID not only you can access and get all of these,but also purchase and redeem gift cards. Apple ID for you. How to create Apple ID on Mac using iTunes
  1. Navigate to the ‘Dock’ or ‘Finder.’
  2. And launch ‘iTunes’ from there.
  3. Click on ‘Account’ on the right side panel under “Music Quick Links” section.
  4. On the prompt, click on ‘Create Apple ID.’
  5. Next, click on ‘Continue.’
  6. ...>>>

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