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Cookies on iPhone and iPad

Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, Apple smartwatch, or a Mac computer, all of the Apple devices come feature-packed and are easy to use for anyone. The gadgets that Apple produces are much popular everywhere and used by millions of people from all over the world. You can perform any task on any of your Apple devices. If you own any of the products of this company, you might be aware of the fact that all of its devices come with limited storage space. And to maintain the performance of your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple smartwatch, you should clear cache and cookies on your devices at regular intervals. Also, iPhone, iPad, and all other Apple devices come with some inbuilt functionalities that include the Safari browser. Safari is a user-friendly and easy-to-use browser that anyone can use to have the best browsing experience.

Apple recently rolled out iOS 15, which is a recent iOS update for iPhone and iPad users. This updated


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screenshot on an iPad and an iPad Pro

If you have an iPad or an iPad Pro and you often need to capture screenshots but don’t know how to do so, here is a complete guide on taking screenshots for iPad and iPad Pro. Taking screenshots on an iPad is easy. You can capture your desired screenshots in a few seconds. So, without any delay, let’s proceed with a step-by-step guide and capture an easy screenshot on an iPad and iPad Pro.

Ways to capture a screenshot on an iPad

You can take screenshots on an iPad in two different ways regardless of the model you use. With the first method, you can take your screenshots by clicking physical buttons. If we talk about the second method, it requires you to use assistive touch. In this guide, we will begin with the use of physical buttons. Capturing screenshots using buttons may vary based on the button types your device has. 


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Tips and Trick to Use Quick Note on iPad

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Apple’s WWDC comes once every year and after that people are in awe of things that Apple is bringing to the table. This year is no different as with WWDC 2021 Apple introduces iOS 15 to the world. Now with iOS, there are many cool features such as app library, notification summary, low power mode, and adding widgets on the home screen. But besides all this, there is one more thing that is getting attention and that is the Notes app. There are some new features with it like activity view, supports tag, and systemwide presence using the Quick Note feature. You can find all the new things that are available on the Quick Note on iPad in this post. So, let’s dive straight into this.

Tips & Tricks to Use Quick Note on an iPad


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Universal Control: One Mouse & Keyboard to Rule Your Apple iPad & Mac

Apple provided a closer look to users at various features At WWDC 2021 that it will bring to Mac devices. It includes the new Universal Control Continuity feature also.

Universal Control is a new Continuity feature that Apple introduced at WWDC 2021. It will be launched with macOS Monterrey. After the release of macOS Big Sur in 2020, macOS Monterey will be the next significant update for the Mac operating system. The subsequent versions of iPadOS, iOS, watchOS, and macOS improve the user experience on specific devices. But Universal Control seems all set to improve user experience across devices.

Why Continuity Feature is Important

Apple has designed Continuity feature to offer more excellent usability and connectivity between its various devices. It creates an ecosystem that every user can take advantage of daily. For example,


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Save Audio Attachments Messages on iPad and iPhone

Looking to store audio messages or audio files received on iMessages? Well, the procedure of saving audio files from iMessages is pretty simple. Users must know which person has shared the audio file and when did it happen. Once the audio is saved in the iPad or iPhone device, users can listen it anytime they want, and can make multiple copies of it. 

Audio files stay in iMessages conversation, but users can save it in multiple places by sharing it. When there are thousands of messages in a single conversation box, finding the audio files can get highly difficult. However, Apple has added an additional column of shared files in conversation. It gives the user a little help to see all shared files including audio files, but not the audio messages. Audio files like MP3, m4a, ringtones, podcast clips or any other files can be located easily in iMessages, and here’s the guide to save it on iPad and iPhone.


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How to Disable Apple Music Explicit Content on iPad, iPhone and Mac

People who love music are well aware of Apple Music subscription. Apple Music has the biggest music library from all music genres including a lot of explicit languages. Listening to explicit language music isn’t a preferred choice of users, so if anyone doesn’t want to hear explicit music, they can turn it off. Apple Music has both explicit and clean versions of songs, and after turning off the explicit content, they can choose to hear only clean versions of songs.

This feature is useful when you have kids around you, or when you’re playing music in school or any other place where playing explicit music isn’t allowed. Even if you’re using Family Sharing, you can still turn off explicit music content for every connected device. However, a user can turn it off individually too.

The procedure of turning off Apple Music explicit content is different in Mac, iPad and iPhone. So if


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The New M1X 16-Inch MacBook Pro is On Its Way to Amaze You

Every year brings along new excitement of getting your hands on the latest tech launched by companies. Therefore, one of the most important companies, Apple is all set to introduce its new products in 2021.

Everybody’s keenly waiting for the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which will feature USB4 ports on each side, a Mini LED display, and more. Additionally, it might come up with a fresh design using the Face ID feature. Who knows?

For all those people who are deeply rooted in the profession of editing, it is going to be the most amazing version of the MacBook Pro. Imagine owning a strong editing device with a huge display. Sounds great, right?

If you’re interested to know more about the new M1X MacBook Pro, here’s every assumption being made


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Do You Want to Download Fortnite on Your iPhone or iPad? Here’s What You Need to

If you’re a Fortnite player and want to download the same on your iPhone or iPad, sadly Apple has blocked the Epic Games developer account on the App Store. It also means that you will no longer be able to download the game however, if you’ve installed it already on your Apple device, you can continue playing.

If you're familiar with the Fortnite game, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular games in the world. The game was removed from the App Store because of a legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple. It turned out to be a reason for blocking Fortnite from the App Store, making it unavailable for users. Apple recently announced that the gaming company would no longer be able to access the development tools for any Apple platforms, including iOS, macOS, and tvOS. Terminating the Epic Games account also means that you'll no longer be able to get your hands on its latest updates it has got to offer.


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How to Easily Configure VPN on iPhone or iPad?

Apple provides several features to iOS users, and one of them is the easy access to set up a new VPN client that accepts PPTP, L2TP and IPSec. VPN extends a particular private network across public Networks and enables its users to receive and send several data across public or shared networks. VPN helps the user to create a direct connection right from the PC to another network. VPN can be used to set up secure internet connection.

One can easily configure Virtual Private Network on iPhone or iPad devices. To do so, you will need to set up information just before starting the process. It includes remote ID, server, passcode and username.

How to Configure a VPN on iPhone and iPad?

In case you wish to configure VPN service on your iPhone or iPad, then you need to Sign-Up with any


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Тетрис: сложная история простой культовой игры

Смотреть 'Тетрис: сложная история простой культовой игры'

История Тетриса начинается с 1984 года и Алексея Пажитнова, который написал игру на компьютере Электроника-60. Несмотря на потенциал электронной забавы, первые деньги за Тетрис Пажитнов получил лишь спустя шесть лет. Многие связывают это с недопониманием со стороны Советского Союза. Парадокс, но к этому времени Тетрисом «обладали» множество зарубежных игровых разработчиков. Возможно, именно в этот момент Пажитнов стал противником свободного распространения ПО.

Когда Тетрис добрался до Восточной Европы, венгерские разработчики сразу приступили к разработке версии игры для Apple II и Commodore 64. Главу британского разработчика ПО Andromeda Ричарда Штайна (Richard Stein) игра впечатлила настолько, что он продал права на версию Тетриса для платформы PC британским и американским компаниям раньше,


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Делаем подставку для iPad своими руками

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Тем, кто потратил на Apple iPad последние деньги или по каким-то другим причинам не может или не хочет приобрести официальную док-станцию для устройства, адресована следующая инструкция с сайта Makezine. С ее помощью можно самостоятельно смастерить подставку для новинки от Apple. Все, что вам нужно – упаковочные материалы из коробки с устройством.

Как видно из картинки, манипуляции несложные. Достаточно разделить картонный держатель пополам, сделать прорезь для iPad под нужным углом и экстравагантная подставка готова. Причем, если эта потеряется или испортится, не беда – из оставшихся упаковочных материалов,можно сделать еще три такие же.


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Американскому студенту навсегда отказали в покупке iPad

Смотреть 'Американскому студенту навсегда отказали в покупке iPad'

Согласно сообщению ресурса PCWorld, студенту одного из медицинских институтов США компания Apple навсегда отказала в покупке планшета iPad. 

В своем блоге студент написал, что, узнав об отсрочке международной продажи iPad, решил немного подзаработать на реализации планшета нерезидентам США. Он дал соответствующее объявление в игровом форуме NeoGAF, на которое откликнулись участники, живущие за пределами Америки. Как объясняет студент, пишущий под ником Protocol Snow, в отличие от людей, спекулирующих планшетами на интернет-аукционе eBay, он предложил своим приятелям по форуму гораздо более скромную цену.

Судя по рассказу Protocol Snow, он успел сделать несколько поставок, хотя о количестве проданных iPad почему-то умалчивается. При этом он покупал не более двух планшетов


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