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18.08.2021 11:56, г. New York Mills, США Смотреть на карте

Apple Clears Its Stand on CSAM

Apple has been in the headlines for quite some time now due to its rules on kid safety. In recent days, Apple stated that it would roll out a new function that would check the iCloud of users for pictures of child sexual assault. Apple’s statement drew the ire of privacy activists, who slammed the company’s decision. Apple, on the other hand, has recently published a clarification, stating that it would only utilize its technology to scan pictures that have previously “been reported by clearinghouses in several countries.”

Threshold of 30

It was reported by the news agency Reuters that Apple said that a threshold of 30 pictures should be found in a person’s phone before Apple’s technology notifies the business that a human should examine it and determine whether it should be submitted to law enforcement. Apple said that the company would


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15.06.2021 12:42

Apple Defeated in the Lawsuit Have to Give the Charger to the User

Apple as a brand has high values and always came up with innovation. Sometimes the innovation creates a problem for the end-user, and this time, the user gets a favorable decision.

In the world of consumerism, companies know that they have to understand the market first and then design accordingly, but sometimes there is a massive defect in this planning from the consumer's point of view. The recent example came from Brazil, where Apple is facing a lawsuit, and here the decision is a small but reasonable example from the consumer's point of view.

Tech giant Apple made a major change last year by launching its iPhone 12 series and decided not to offer charging adapters with the phone, which is a setback for users.

All iPhone models in the iPhone 12 series came without chargers, but Apple had to change the decision.


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16.10.2020 10:25, г. Allen, США Смотреть на карте

Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s Trade In Program

Apple has become an enormous brand worldwide. About 45-46 percent of people in the US are Apple users. Since the company rolls out new devices every year, every individual can’t upgrade when something new comes up in the market.

You must have experienced a situation where your current Apple device works just fine, but you want to get a new one to maintain your status or any other reason. Not only it seems challenging to invest all over again, but it makes no sense.

The company realizes the case, which is why they work on every issue to resolve the same. You might or might not have heard about the Apple’s trade In Program, but show a little faith as it's one of the best solutions to upgrade your device when you can’t afford it due to financial reasons.

Apple’s Trade In Program allows you to trade in your smartphone in exchange for credit towards your


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