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Redesigned Home App On Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is the best remote control for home intelligent home appliances. To take all the benefits of this watch’s convenient capacities, you have to know how to use the Redesigned Home App On Apple Watch. With just lifting your wrist and some taps, you can fix your HomeKit door locks, and also, you can set your favorite HomeKit scenes. You can also call a HomeKit camera, and even this is easy to communicate with those within its view. You just have to speak through your watch’s microphone.

Here are a few tips on how to use a redesigned Home App On Apple Watch.


Since Apple applications are typically for quick interconnection, your Homekit accessories will not appear in the Home App On Apple Watch. Rather than, your Apple Watch will learn things from your habits and resent relevant accessories and also from senses all around the day – like your


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iPad is one of the most popular and commonly used devices, designed by Apple, which is a well-known tech firm. Apple has always been well known for providing the best products and services to its users worldwide. And the iPad definitely covers some excellent functionalities that anyone can use to maximize their experience. Anyone can easily use this Apple device to perform any task. Also, the company releases updates for its operating system at regular intervals. And iPadOS 15 was released back in the month of June. This updated iPadOS version also provides its users with many great features that will help them boost up their productivity levels. Within the iPadOS 15 version, there are some options that are enabled by default. For instance, the split-screen feature is enabled by default in iPadOS 15.

Split-screen has now become a common option that you can find within other smart devices as well. It


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Apple Clears Its Stand on CSAM

Apple has been in the headlines for quite some time now due to its rules on kid safety. In recent days, Apple stated that it would roll out a new function that would check the iCloud of users for pictures of child sexual assault. Apple’s statement drew the ire of privacy activists, who slammed the company’s decision. Apple, on the other hand, has recently published a clarification, stating that it would only utilize its technology to scan pictures that have previously “been reported by clearinghouses in several countries.”

Threshold of 30

It was reported by the news agency Reuters that Apple said that a threshold of 30 pictures should be found in a person’s phone before Apple’s technology notifies the business that a human should examine it and determine whether it should be submitted to law enforcement. Apple said that the company would


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Apple and Amazon are Giving Away Lossless Music to Subscribers

Lately, the music streaming industry’s greatest players, Amazon and Apple, claimed that they would start offering lossless audio streams. This giveaway is only for their paid users without any additional charges.

This points to the first time Apple has provided a top-quality music format to its users. However, Amazon (and others) have given HD or hi-fi music for many years under premium tiers.

More benefits for less money (or free) sounds fantastic. But unless you’re Jerry Hildenbrand or Neil Young, I will parlay that you either would unfamiliar with lossless music or you don’t care about it.

So, what is lossless music, you may ask? Necessarily, it’s a non-compressed digital audio file that gives hi-fi audio near to what you might hear personally. There are various versions, definitions, and


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19.06.2021 10:22

Samsung Mocked the iPhone 12 Pro Max With Its Zoom and Camera Feature Reveal

Samsung and Apple are strong contenders in the U.S. market. The clash between Samsung and Apple is quite famous. Both companies often troll each other to bump into each other. While Samsung has earlier trolled Apple for its big notch, Apple has also made fun of Samsung for its slow Android phones and unsafe app stores. The competition is on the next level as Samsung is trolling Apple for its iPhone 12 Pro Max and doing this with a full-fledged marketing strategy to kill Apple’s reputation.

The South Korean company has now released two new videos to make fun of Apple. It makes fun of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. According to Samsung mobile, the first video shows Samsung galaxy S21 ultra compared to iPhone 12 Pro Max.

iPhone fails in zoom feature as claimed by Samsung

While the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera reaches the optical zoom 12x, the zoom of the Galaxy S21 Ultra can take a clear picture of the moon directly. Samsungs


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15.06.2021 12:42

Apple Defeated in the Lawsuit Have to Give the Charger to the User

Apple as a brand has high values and always came up with innovation. Sometimes the innovation creates a problem for the end-user, and this time, the user gets a favorable decision.

In the world of consumerism, companies know that they have to understand the market first and then design accordingly, but sometimes there is a massive defect in this planning from the consumer's point of view. The recent example came from Brazil, where Apple is facing a lawsuit, and here the decision is a small but reasonable example from the consumer's point of view.

Tech giant Apple made a major change last year by launching its iPhone 12 series and decided not to offer charging adapters with the phone, which is a setback for users.

All iPhone models in the iPhone 12 series came without chargers, but Apple had to change the decision.


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22.04.2021 17:43

Why PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) Are Set to Dominate in the Future

If the tech giant, Apple, was intimidated when the popular online video game Fortnite tried to bypass its App Store, it will surely not be happy when PWAs thrive. Progressive web apps obstruct Apple’s granular control over the App Store as they deliver app-like experiences without requiring the users to download a real application. While these are designed for daily website users, they offer numerous features exclusive to native applications only.

Even though many businesses are “really” into the idea of developing native apps, to tell the truth, this approach can be a struggle for the developers. Building a native application comes with many responsibilities, including updating them regularly, handling user reviews, drawing downloads, paying a 30% share of each sale (including in-app purchases and paid apps) to most stores, which makes sense. In 2020, Apple earned over $64 billion from the App Store, according to reports.


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13.04.2021 09:48

How to Disable Apple Music Explicit Content on iPad, iPhone and Mac

People who love music are well aware of Apple Music subscription. Apple Music has the biggest music library from all music genres including a lot of explicit languages. Listening to explicit language music isn’t a preferred choice of users, so if anyone doesn’t want to hear explicit music, they can turn it off. Apple Music has both explicit and clean versions of songs, and after turning off the explicit content, they can choose to hear only clean versions of songs.

This feature is useful when you have kids around you, or when you’re playing music in school or any other place where playing explicit music isn’t allowed. Even if you’re using Family Sharing, you can still turn off explicit music content for every connected device. However, a user can turn it off individually too.

The procedure of turning off Apple Music explicit content is different in Mac, iPad and iPhone. So if


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10.03.2021 17:09

How To Set Up And Use The Microsoft Family Safety App

The Microsoft Family Safety app helps parents in monitoring their children’s and other family members’ involvement in digital activities and smart devices. If you are a parent, this app may be advantageous for you. This app provides many smart features, including filtering controls, location reporting, and app-usage recording, to help parents monitor their loved ones’ digital activities. If you want to create a digital safety shield around your family, you can quickly get started with the Microsoft Family Safety app using a Microsoft account and a smartphonelike Android or Apple. 

Advantages of using the Microsoft Family Safety app

Microsoft has developed this app to track the usage of online services and tech devices of a family or an individual. If you are the head of the family, you can use this tool to monitor your family members’ screen time. If you find excess screen time of a family member, you can restrict it to a specific


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09.03.2021 17:13

What Is Other Storage On An iPhone And How To Clean It

When your iPhone doesn’t have enough space to store data, you can go to the Settings app to know what can be deleted to free up some space. If you want to know about your device’s storage division, you can see it on the iPhone Storage screen located in the General menu. You may find a section called ‘Other’ in the storage division having a large portion of the storage. This guide will let you know about the ‘Other’ storage section and how to clean it.

‘Other’ storage

It may be frustrating when you will find a storage section called Other having large storage space under the iPhone Storage screen. Apple lets you know all the storage sections except ‘Other’ by labeling them as installed apps, system files, multimedia, etc. but leaves Other as a mystery. You can consider this mysterious section as a place of storing data that aren’t stored under the categorized sections.


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How to Adjust Keyboard Brightness in M1 MacBook

In this article, we have discussed the ways using which you can adjust the keyboard brightness in M1 MacBook. Recently Apple has announced MacBook Pror with Apple M1 chips, and it seems like everyone is loving the new processor and the capabilities it offers. Even though you will see similar specs on the new MacBooks, in terms of design, Apple has however done a significant change. The shortcut keys for keyboard brightness adjustments have now been replaced with shortcuts for Dictation, DND, and Spotlight. So, if you are among the users who arethinking about how they can change the backlight brightness of their keyboard, you can follow the steps mentioned, which we have discussed below.With that said, let’s proceed further to how to adjust keyboard brightness in the latest M1 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

Change Keyboard Brightness in M1 MacBook Air and Pro

Apple has completely removed the shortcut keys,


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22.01.2021 21:29

The New M1X 16-Inch MacBook Pro is On Its Way to Amaze You

Every year brings along new excitement of getting your hands on the latest tech launched by companies. Therefore, one of the most important companies, Apple is all set to introduce its new products in 2021.

Everybody’s keenly waiting for the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which will feature USB4 ports on each side, a Mini LED display, and more. Additionally, it might come up with a fresh design using the Face ID feature. Who knows?

For all those people who are deeply rooted in the profession of editing, it is going to be the most amazing version of the MacBook Pro. Imagine owning a strong editing device with a huge display. Sounds great, right?

If you’re interested to know more about the new M1X MacBook Pro, here’s every assumption being made


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