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Hidden iOS 13.3 Features You Should Know About

Смотреть 'Hidden iOS 13.3 Features You Should Know About'

If you have recently updated your device with the latest version iOS 13.3, you may not know about all the features added in iOS 13.3. New futures like improving in the screenshot, volume indicator, and Lesser-known bugs have been incorporated on the platform.

Recently Apple launched a “swanky deep fusion” camera in its iPhone 11’s and dark mode but there are several features added in this device that you may not know. Apple released its iOS 13 and iPodOS 13 devices in the month of September in 2019 and we have found some hidden features that can be helpful to you.

We find some features like Keyboard, Gesture, and improvements that Apple did not announce yet. A new volume indicator, iMessage search, and the new photo-sharing features


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Актуальный разговор с Николаем Левашовым (2010) DVDRip

Смотреть 'Актуальный разговор с Николаем Левашовым (2010) DVDRip'

Актуальный разговор с Николаем Левашовым

Запись передачи Владимира Соловьёва «Актуальный разговор», Москва, октябрь 2010 года

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