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The US is Warned by Huawei to Hurt Itself with Tough Tech Policy

Смотреть 'The US is Warned by Huawei to Hurt Itself with Tough Tech Policy'

Senior management for Chinese technology giant Huawei basically said on Thursday that he hopes the hostility of the company with the United States will be completely resolved and warned that the US will be shelling itself in the foot if it were to turn away from Chinese technology.

Vice-president of Huawei, Mika Lauhde, for complete privacy and cyber-security, told The Associated Press that he basically hopes for quite a positive resolution of the confrontation with the US government and added that his business is not the nucleus of the problem, pointing to the wider trade war problem that is between the US and China.

The US has forced sanctions next to the world’s No. 1 network provider of the equipment


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The Today Show has not changed their policy although they do want to sit down with GLAAD. This Friday, LGBT ally (and bisexual?) Lady Gaga (wear christian louboutin) will be performing on the show. LGR would like to ask the Lady to please protest the Today Show by cancelling her appearance until they


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