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"Ultimately, this game, they are, I think people sometimes lose sight of this, a video game can easily look for art," he said. "You have not played fort? Fort is definitely a work of art, it is beautiful, it is just as much works of art, it's just a different style of art, if Battlestate that art should not be doing their own thing XYZ in it, no matter What it is, it gives them, not us. more importantly, each other, it is up to us to do the right response, we think this may be because we like it, it may be because we will soon be crazy I just want to.Escape From Tarkov Roubles play, because I think it's funny. "

It's hard to say Tarkov popularity will not last long, when everything will be fixed, or if the next big game flow will occur before this time. In the first half Lupo and destiny of life, because it is conducive to businessThe kind of wear and tear can visually affect streamer and his or her audience,


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