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Смотреть 'Some of the Best Metroidvania Games for Android'

Metroidvania games are the subgenre of action-adventure games. It is quite an exciting game full of fantastic content in it. Here are some best Metroidvania games that you can play on your Android device.

Ailment and endurance

Ailment and Endurance are two different games that are loaded with plenty of decent elements such as hundreds of unlockable weapons and items, a decent story to follow, massive shooter and action mechanics, etc. Both the games are so amazing, and you can take a free trial of them. But to get complete access to both the games, you have to purchase their subscription that will cost you $ 3.99 each.


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17.08.2020 13:28, г. Вэллей , Ангилья Смотреть на карте
Смотреть 'Possibly No One Will Buy Xiaomi’s Transparent TV'

You must have noticed a tremendous improvement in the smartphone industry over the past few years. But the same can't be said for TVs. Undoubtedly, due to the introduction of HDTVs, you have seen thin and affordable TVs in recent years. HDR mode and 4K resolution have increased the viewer's experience. Still, there is a margin for improving the video and sound quality for viewers. 

In reality, there is no significant improvement in TV technology. It has been a long time since people have seen the latest technology TV that can deliver excellent video quality. 

Reason - Why No One Will Buy a Transparent TV By Xiaomi?


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