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Смотреть 'Everything to Know About YouTube Bedtime Reminder Feature'

During this pandemic, every digital platform is working to grab the audience by hook or by crook. In this lockdown, everyone is locked in the home and exploring the new field of the digital world. That’s why most of the video conferencing tools and websites are introducing new techniques and working harder to create a more user-friendly interface. Amid these changes, YouTube is also doing their contribution to its audience.

YouTube is a popular live or video streaming platform that is rolling with a new update this week for its users. They named this feature as the bedtime feature that will be available for both iOS and Android users. Everyone will be able to use this feature in the coming days.


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Смотреть 'How to Fix Windows 10 Not Restarting'

There are various options available under the Windows shut down menu, and each one has a different purpose. There are several instances when you may wish to restart your computer. However, an error can prevent you from doing so. If you are unable to restart your computer, then the blog will help you fix it.

How to Fix Windows 10 not Restarting

In this article we will show you how you can fix Windows 10 not Restarting in seven ways:

  • Performing Power Troubleshooter
  • Clean Boot and DISM/SFC
  • Boot Safe Mode
  • ...>>>

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Смотреть 'Disney Plus Surpasses 50 Million Subscribers'

Disney Plus streaming service has witnessed a massive surge in its subscribers, which has surpassed 50 million since its launch in the year 2019. The wave took place due to the rollouts of the streaming service in some of the international territories, including India, the UK, Italy, Austria, Spain, and Switzerland. Disney Plus has launched its streaming service in France also but with some delay. The government of France was not ready to allow the streaming platform to start its services in the country. The government of France was concerned that the launch of the streaming service would put too much strain on bandwidth utilization. The surge in subscribers is considerable as Disney Plus has 28 million subscribers earlier, as stated by the company.

Disney Plus is just behind Netflix, which has 167 million subscribers all across the


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Смотреть 'How to Use the Follow Up Option in Outlook'

Microsoft Outlook provides various features to its users, and one such interesting feature is the Follow-up reminder. It is among the most useful feature of Outlook that reminds the user to mail on a specific data that they have assigned or flagged.

It’s the remainder tool of Outlook Emailing service that helps notify and remind the users on a selected date and adds the task as a to-do the job in the task list of Outlook. Whenever you mark the task as completed, then it will be removed from your task list. The whole process is straightforward and compatible with applying on your system.

In case you wish to add remainder functionality to the mailing tool of MS Outlook, then follow these instructions:


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Смотреть 'How to Uninstall iTunes on Mac OS X'

We have discussed several issues on the internet as lots of people say that iPhone, iPad suddenly stops supporting iTunes on the device display and send some error notification. Some people claim that iTunes doesn’t respond sometimes. On behalf of people claim, several users want to remove or delete the iTunes application on their Macbook. Removing or deleting iTunes application from Mac is difficult in some ways.

Apple develops iTunes on its device like iPhone, iPad, and Macbook. This application contains a media player. Internet library, media library and permit all the user to download and purchase associated with multimedia.

Before start, this setting, you need to understand one thing removing is not similar to uninstalling. We can say that Removing is a part of uninstalling but can’t uninstall


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