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Смотреть 'Jason Bateman Knows How Ozark Will End but He has No Plans to Rest After the Con'

Taking all the precautions of the pandemic into account, the production of the fourth and final season of Netflix superhit drama series Ozark will commence from November the 9th, 2020. Jason Bateman, the director and the star of the show talked to IndieWire about his working process and his vision for the future.

In the conversation, he talked in length about how the show “Ozark” has helped him grow as an artist. This is a short description of his whole interview with IndieWire.

When asked about his overall experience with Ozark, he said that he is more than satisfied with work that has been accomplished by the cast and crew and the “high hopes” that he had with himself and the team have been met “so far.”


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Смотреть 'Stream Spotify Directly To Google Home Speakers'

Everyone is aware of the popularity of Spotify, and almost every device supports this fantastic app. You can play songs on your smartphone, computer, and smart TV. But those who use desktop for streaming Spotify have an odd limitation. If you are one of them, then you can't stream Spotify on your Google Smart Speakers from your computer. For streaming on your Google Home Speakers, you need your smartphone. 

Why Is Spotify Different?

Everyone knows that it is live music streaming platforms that can play tunes from the internet. With this feature, you don't need to save your favorite playlist on your drive or phone. Those who use their premium account have access to download the songs


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