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Microsoft Teams has arisen as a very popular tool to stay connected with your teams and staff in the office during the pandemic. This online communication and team collaboration tool is part of Microsoft Office 365 Suite, which is generally used for video conferencing with remote teams. However, that is not the only thing it can do. It can also be used to create channels for specific tasks and teams, to chat with your team, group or individual colleagues, to take online meetings with advanced features of screen-sharing and recording, to store documents, or to organize audio-conferencing. It is important to understand all the features and functions of Microsoft Teams to be able to use it efficiently. The adoption of new tools might be hard for your team as well, but we have got you covered. In this article, we are going to discuss the steps that are going to help you in succeeding at your workplace by creating an excellent Team in the Microsoft Teams where it will be easier to communicate


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