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which is a good sign. However,The Rams got into the red zone four times in the first half, the first two resulted in short field goals by Greg Zuerlein after Sean McVay got too aggressive with throws in the red zone.

 McVay called two pass plays that resulted in incompletions after Todd Gurley gained 6 yards on first down. The Rams have one of the best backs in the league,With second-and-4 from the 14-yard line, but refuse to use him consistently inside the 20.

 McVay was far too lenient with the Rams’ timeouts. By the 12-minute mark,In addition to shaky play-calling on the Rams’ first few drives, the Rams were out of timeouts in the first half and were unable to challenge a questionable catch by the Cardinals as a result.

It also prevented the Rams from playing it more aggressively at the end of the half after Mark Barrons


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