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DC Universe streaming service is the one-stop-shop to watch all the things streaming on the platform. These things include movies, original shows produced by DC entertainment, original live-action shows, animated shows and many other new shows which can make your day. The fans of DC entertainment can stream the content of DC Universe not only on their TV but also on their phones and laptops. You can get all the updates of products, contests, and news on the streaming service. Here, is the list of things populating the catalog of DC Universe streaming service:-


DC Universe streaming service has a lot of videos to offer for the audiences, which are very much entertaining also. These movies include big names such as Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Under the Red Hood, Batman: Year One, Constantine, Justice League Dark, Justice League vs. The Fatal Five,


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Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game available on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Infinity Ward develops this game, and the plot of this game involved combat taking place among a CIA officer, British SAS forces, rebels of a fictional country Urzikstan and the Russian troops. The CIA officer and British SAS forces have joined their hands together to assist the insurgents of Urzikstan, which is fictional to fight against the Russian troops. Infinity Ward has made a lot of innovations in the special Ops mode features of this game so that the combat looks real along with enabling multiplayer mode to support playing more number of players at one time. The developers of this game took inspiration from real-life wars such as the Syrian Civil war, and the terrorist activities took place in London to give the combating featured in the game an authentic look.  To enable multimode playing, The developers of this game have scrapped the traditional season pass of the franchise


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As we know, Start Menu is one of the essential options on the Windows operating system. If you are facing an issue like “taskbar not responding,” then there is no need to fret. To fix the problem, i.e., “Taskbar not responding,” you simply need to follow the underneath steps and eradicate the hassles accordingly.

Repair Taskbar not Responding on Windows 10 through Rebooting Windows Explorer

If you wish to repair the taskbar not responding on Windows 10 through rebooting Windows Explorer, then pursue the given instructions.

  • Press Control + Shift + Esc keys at once on the keyboard to launch Task Manager.
  • You should move down and locate the Windows Explorer within the list.
  • Choose the Windows Explorer option and click on the Restart in the lower right-hand side of the screen.


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From March 2019 every iPad device is compatible with Apple Pencil on I and II generation. Apple Pencil is among the handiest equipment you can lay your hands on, and reasonably so. It can help the user in numerous tasks and you can avail it as well.

To take the lead of everything related to Apple Pencil, our blog will help you out. To know how you can use your Apple Pencil easily, here is a complete and easy guide on how to Apple Pencil in your iPad and iPad Pro.

Hello to Apple Pencil

If you have used Apple Pencil earlier, then you are familiar with Apple Pencil, here we introduce how to use Apple Pencil I and II generations in current iPad and iPad Pro.

Two distinct generations of Apple Pencil namely generation I and Generation II are available in the


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