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2020 isn’t that gloomy. The year may have trapped you in your home, but why worry when you have your smartphone and wifi. The upcoming time is filled with exciting movies and shows for you to watch. Some are fun to watch, while others will provoke you to think out of the box. Yet, others will blow your mind completely.  What’s confirmed is the fact that a bunch of extremely eye-catchy stuff is waiting for you. Every great stuff has an introduction. The following trailers will not only excite you but will also force you to note the releasing dates. Still not convinced? Have a look at these yourself.

The King Of Stalen Islands

When everything is blue and gloomy, humor has its way of adding colors. A brat, Scott does only two things in life. He gets high and makes tattoos. After the demise of his dad, he has always been like


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Error codes are always annoying, but the level of frustration rise up a notch when they are accompanied with a BSOD. There are an abundance of blue screen errors you can face on Windows, and one of them is Atikmdag.sys. The error mostly arises after a system update, and here is how it can be fixed:

Launch Full System Scan

  • Navigate to the Windows Start on your system.
  • After that, input ‘defender’ into it and hit the Enter key.
  • You should reach the Windows Defender and twice click on it to open the utility.
  • Go to the left-hand side panel and click on the shield button.
  • Reach the new screen and select the option of an Advanced scan.
  • ...>>>

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Sometimes, the address bar of Mozilla Firefox seems something different. When you launch a fresh tab, then you will encounter that the address bar launches automatically. It also replaces the traditional address pane with the revamped search panel. It shows a mini URL section and sometimes doesn’t consists of http// and www into the newly launched search panel. In case you wish to modify the same, then you will have to read the whole article.

Restoring Earlier Firefox Address Pane

In the newly expanded URL panel, the fonts also changed to a new one and faced some issues such as http:// and www. It sometimes also holds some of the encrypted sites and ads. To modify the same, you have to follow these guidelines:

  • First and foremost, hit the Preference page of your Mozilla Firefox browser.
  • ...>>>

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Several Microsoft users have complained about suffering from error code 0x80d02017. It is a particular issue that is occurring on the PC when the user tries to download any application from Microsoft Store.

This problem also occurs when you download and install 1803 updates on your PC. In such cases, if you want to download any application, then you get an error code 0x80d02017. In this article, we will teach you how you can fix issue error code 0x80d02017.

How to fix Microsoft Store error code 0x80d02017

In this article, we will teach you how you can fix error code 0x80d02017 with five troubleshoot:

  • Disable IPv6
  • Reset MS Store through PowerShell
  • ...>>>

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Quibi is different in numerous ways, from other and current streaming services. Here is what you need to if willing to share your account with other people.

Quibi is the new name among the increasingly crowded market of streaming services. The newly launched streaming services in entirely different in multiple ways from other streaming services with its unique approach. The new approach taken by Quibi involves focusing on smartphones instead of relying on presenting an extensive catalog full of old content and big names of the franchise as done by HBO Max, Disney Plus, etc. The viewers can watch quick bites of shows or materials in less than 10 minutes on their smartphones. Moreover, the viewers can transition every piece of content between separate landscape and vertical versions and that too seamlessly.

Now, the approach taken by Quibi is entirely new to multiple users, and so they are wondering about


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In an organization, keeping track of every process is one of the leading and essential tasks to perform. The requirement of this process increases when the colleagues and team members are working remotely. Microsoft Planner helps users to have control over the process and tasks going on currently under any project or mission. This article will give you an introduction to the MS Planner.

MS Planner an application that uses the Kanban Style to perform the management task in the system. This application aims to control remote workers or large teams. It helps users in the organization, assigning, tracking, and managing purposes when it is hard to have a discussion in personally.

Note: This application is limited to the controlling of the Office Group application. So, if you are thinking of creating the plan for the work, then make sure the application used to execute that plan belongs to the Office group.


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The super exciting virtual world of Animal Crossing has been brought back by Nintendo in a whole new avatar. Gamers across the globe are acclaiming it due to various new activities and features. The best thing about Animal Crossing is that it allows you to do a lot of stuff in it, including the building of houses, fishing, exploring, and much more. The gamers are now quite familiar with the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons that they have explored new Islands.

The gamers are currently intended to create the island into their home. This will probably require a lot of construction, including the making of stairs, bridges to cross the river, and much more. In the following article, we are going to discuss with you easy ways to build a bridge in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Although the process is quite simple bit lengthy, so it is advisable to be attentive while reading it.


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The demo version of Final Fantasy 7 Remake is here and most of the players are already reached at the final level boss. Currently, Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo is for 30-40 minutes, and more will come when the full version comes out. Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo version is played by numerous gamers, and among those players, some of them are facing difficulty in defeating the final opponent. Every boss available in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is unique, and to beat the final boss, there is a procedure that players have to follow.

How to defeat the final boss of Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Be Prepared – It’s a fact that before getting in any fight, you have to be fully prepared. In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you have to be totally prepared because the final boss is not that easy to defeat. Keep the healing items with you and get into the battlefield with your health full. Smash up the Chest


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