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iOS 13.4.5  Public beta 1 version on the way with some new features that need a third-party installation in your device. Apple released iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 version software first for their engineers who can use, identify any issue with these updates and fix them.

New in Version 13.4.5

On April 16, 2020, Apple has released iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 version. Here are the steps on how to can download and install the iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 version on your Apple device.

  • How to create a backup of the iPhone
  • How to install iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 via iTunes
  • How to install iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1 via a Profile
  • How to start iOS 13.4.5 Public beta 1
  • ...>>>

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18.03.2020 11:13, г. Adger, США Смотреть на карте

In the recent announcement about Xbox Series X, Microsoft has revealed some of the key information about the console. Additionally, with new technology, speed, performance, and many more compelling things, Xbox Series X will be able to support portable storage: the credit side goes with 1TB of expansion cards. Teaming up with Seagate, Microsoft is using 1TB of expansion cards and their own specific unique patent expansion cards regarding their upcoming Xbox Series X.

Minus the confusion, the card needs to slot on the console’s backside to make a rapid way to expand the in-built 1TB NVME SSD. To enhance the speed of console and perfect performance of the next generation of games, Microsoft is employing next-generation external SSD and internal NVME SSD. You should know that the games developed for Xbox Series X will require expansion cards and internal SSD.

Don’t worry if you have external storage hard drives (USB 3.1 +) because, in Xbox Series X, you can


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16.03.2020 11:14, г. Adger, США Смотреть на карте

Taste of music for everyone is different, but if someone who shares the same music taste as you, then it’s good to share songs with each other. That is why who prefer to listen to music a lot, they always make a Playlist to add new or old favorite songs. If your Playlist has a vast collection of songs, then you can share it as well. Most of the music streaming platforms allow users to make a Playlist of songs and share with other users as well. Making a playlist is not an easy task because it takes lots of time and patience to choose every single song you might listen to in the future.

Apple Music is a popular music streaming platform where numerous songs are available. It’s tough to remember every song, so whenever you like any song, just add it to your Playlist. In Apple Music, you can create your Playlist and also share it with others. Sharing playlist from Apple Music takes nothing, and every Apple Music user can hear your Playlist if you are ready to share.


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06.03.2020 11:13, г. Adger, США Смотреть на карте

There are three different methods of Apple payment as namely Apple Cash, Apple Card, and Apple Pay. There is a slight confusion with each type of payment Apple pay use to purchase on the store and transfer the money to one user to another. Apple Pay also sends money directly to the bank account. In this blog, you can learn about Apple Pay and its features.

How to Settings up Apple Pay Cash on iPhone

Launch the wallet application on your device. You can see here the black “Apple cash” card when you have set Apple pay into your device. You can also change the color of the icon as you wish.

Here are the steps how to setup settings up Apple pay cash on iPhone:-

  1. Hit on the card.
  2. Choose “Set up Now.”
  3. ...>>>

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04.03.2020 13:25, г. Adger, США Смотреть на карте

Are you too encountering CMUSBDAC.sys blue screen of death in your Windows 10 operating system? Well, when such BSOD error arises, PC often reboot automatically and stops users to access anything. Typically, the error causes when users utilize USB microphone Wireless charging stands for play games, phone, download updates or after restart your Window system.

CMUSBDAC.sys ha a standard connection via system thread exception does not handle code. Users can check the message unexpectedly notice the message your PC ran into an issue and requires to reboot involving the status scanning in Blue screen %. Basically, CMUSBDAC.sys shows when your system’s drivers get defected or malfunctioned. 

It might be infected by viruses, malware or any other harmful threat. So, make sure to follow the given instructions and overcome the problem with ease.  


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