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Converting any image in any format on the phone is different as compared to converting it in Windows. There are a lot of image converter software available on the store for the users. If you are a window user, you might be facing the difficulty and struggles when you try to upload any image on your system, and it doesn’t support the format. We know this feeling. We also have faced this struggle. So, what do we do? How do we know which converter is the best image converter to use in the Windows? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here, in the following article, we will suggest you some of the best image converters to be used in the Windows through which you can convert your images in any format and can use it anywhere.

An image converter software allows the users to convert their images into their desired formats and use them anywhere they like. Uploading the image has now become a necessity for everyone. Whether you


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The sense of vision is perhaps the most incredible gift of God to living beings. It makes you enter a different situation, a different scenario, a different life. The better the visuals, the better would be the human tendency to imagine oneself in the scenario at the opposite end. Humans tend to like and trust more what they see rather than what they listen to. An amalgamation of both sense of sight and hearing never fails to enchant homo sapiens.

The theories of marketing highlight this, and thus are focusing more on audio-video methods of marketing. The marketing sector is booming with video marketing trends because of the increasing demand for freshly brewed video content. Why? Because video marketing is so alluring that it automatically acts as a CTA. It becomes a strong stimulus for the customer to believe what is shown and purchase the goods or services offered. No wonder, video content is most demanded. As a result, the conversion


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Epic Games is acclaimed globally for the promising aspects that they usually added to their game. Fortnite is the best example to prove it thus, they have added a new challenging twist in the No Right to Bear Arms challenge. The gamers who have already played the post April’s challenge must know about the conflict that has arisen between Gnomes and Teddy bears. However, the conflict persists even after various gamers have resolved it.

Now, to meet the requirements of Fortnite’s world, the gamers have to favor Gnomes and help them in destroying teddy bears. Through the medium of this blog, we have provided below a proper workaround to help the gamers in destroying teddy bears along with Gnomes.

Destroy Teddy Bears

As we have already mentioned about the Gnomes and Teddy Bears challenge, it has arrived through theTed


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The demand for the battle royale video games has increased rapidly in the past few years. Several games in the battle royale segment have been introduced already, and yet more are on their way. However, Call of Duty will always remain everyone’s favorite not because it is one of the first games in the battle royale segment but due to its perseverance of upgrading itself. Recently in post-march, a new version of this game has been introduced by Infinity Ward along with Raven Software. The game is known as Call of Duty: Warzone.

The fundamental attribute of the developers of Call of Duty: Warzone has recently included a new update in it. The update has brought various new features and aspects to the Warzone world. However, several restrictions have also been derived into this game through the newly arrived update. One of them has started hindering the gamers from the opening of the essential vaults of the game. The gamers


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Hulu is one of the most popular streaming services that looks like Disney Plus and other streaming services providing a number of programs, shows, movies, and serials. It’s one of the appreciated entertainment services available on the web. The subscription package of Hulu starts at dollar 5.99 per month. The plan often uses various services as specials with popular streaming platforms such as Disney+ and Spotify. Users are sometimes frustrated when they see that their favorite TV program is not available or someone has got unauthorized access to their respective accounts. In this case, they need to block others from their HULU account.

Hulu Streaming TV Services

One can view Live TV on this platform as part of its streaming service that attracts users to its facets. In order to minimize revenue loss, this streaming platform provides a limited number of streams


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Don’t hover in the average kill numbers. Step up your game and be a Pro at PubG. Maximizing your kills and pumping blood in your gameplay is essential to be called a master at the game. Well, what’s common in many highly talented PubG players is that all of them have a high KD. Your KD at PubG is a ratio of your kills and deaths. It signals your overall game performance. However, most noobs aren’t even aware of the term. Read on to find out what actually KD stands for, and how your KD is essential. Remember, the higher the KD, the more efficient you are in the game.

 KD Explained

If you divide your total kills by your total deaths, you get your KD. Simply defined, it is your ration of kills per death. It indicates the total number of kills you successfully made before dying in the game. Interesting. This is important as it shows how skilled the player is at killing other players


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Many times, when we start our Windows 10 PC, the mouse and keyboard simply freezes. They do not respond to anything, be it the left or right trackpad. This can happen due to the crashing Windows Explorer or old Windows build with a glitch installed. So, many users asked what they do it in that situation? In this article, we will tell you about this issue and fix it as soon as possible. So, here are the instructions are given below.

Reboot the Explorer .exe Procedure

The users intending to reboot the Explorer .exe procedure can do so through the below-written guidelines. If you have already tried this solution, then proceed further to the next fix.

  1. Hold the ‘Ctrl + Shift + Esc’ buttons altogether over the keyboard to invoke the Task Manager.
  2. After that, hold the ‘Ctrl + Alt + Delete’ buttons altogether over the keyboard.
  3. ...>>>

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Facebook is one of the best and popular social networking websites all over the world. It allows you to make friends and stay in touch with your friends and family. You can also share your post, video chat, do comments and like, news and watch short video etc. But most users asked how can they remove their posts without deleting an account on Facebook? So, here are the directions are given below and make sure to read them carefully.

Store Facebook Posts

  1. Go to the button of Account Settings at the top right side of the Facebook page.
  2. After that, select the option of Settings from the menu of the drop-down.
  3. You should select the ‘Your Facebook Information’ option at the left side menu.
  4. Navigate to the ‘Download Your Information’ option.
  5. ...>>>

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