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Some users are not receiving emails from Hotmail, and that's why they report constantly. This problem occurs when users fail to get Emails in Hotmail via the Gmail address or Gmail domain. If you get the same issue, here are some potential resolutions given below:

Unblock the Email Address and Gmail into the Hotmail Settings

To unblock the email address and Gmail into the Hotmail settings, follow these on-screen step by step points given below:

  1. First and foremost, invoke the browser on your system.
  2. Then, reach the Hotmail app and launch it.
  3. You should reach the upper right side of the screen and select the Settings icon.
  4. Afterward, launch the 'View All Outlook Settings' option and choose the Junk Email option.
  5. ...>>>

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The Apple Airpods Max are not cheap, they are very expensive. They will cost you around $599. You can check for offers and deals available on several websites. There was a time when these Airpods were out of stock as soon as they arrived for sale.

Apple Airpods Max is the best wireless headset to date. You should use these headsets whether you are in the Apple ecosystem or not. These will improve your experience over time. There are a lot of reasons to buy the Apple Airpods Max headset.


It weighs around 395 grams but the headband and earcups do not let you feel it. Airpods Max has a stainless-steel build quality. It is wrapped in nice and soft material. You will get a knit mesh canopy on top. It does a good job keeping all the weight.

It has rotating aluminum ear cups. They are attached to steel stems. You will have to put some effort


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The latest Fitbit tracker from Google could feature a circular, colored display. Fitbit's next activity tracker could be the Fitbit Charge 5. According to recent rumors, the nextgeneration fitness band is about to make its appearance soon.

According to renders provided to Twitter on Saturday by leaker Evan Blass, the Fitbit Charge 5 may include a redesigned rounded shape and color display. The Fitbit Charge 5's new design, if it includes a curved screen, then might be comparable to the Fitbit Luxe, which was unveiled in April. Even though Blass's depiction doesn't reveal any details about the upcoming fitness tracker, there are three color options for the rumored Fitbit Charge 5 that are teal, cream, and black. 

Normally, a new Charge model is released every two years, which could explain why there have been few leaks and rumors concerning the Charge 5. However, our first sightings of the speculated device came


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