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After years of rumors and speculation, Apple has unveiled its long-awaited AirTag in April 2021.

A small circular tag attaches to items like keys and wallets to allow Bluetooth tracking.

Apple has launched the new tracker Detect app for Android phones named AirTags. It will allow you to detect phones to locate AirTags and other Find My devices. You can go through the battery removing from an AirTag.

How does Apple Airtags work?

Apple has announced six months that it is working on a private new Android app for users. Now Apple has unveiled the new Tracker Detect app that locates unknown AirTags. CNET first spotted this new app that allows owners of the best Android phones to scan for nearby trackers separated from their owners.

You can disable the tracking by removing the battery from your AirTag. The app instructs you on how


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pCloud is trustworthy and safe cloud storage that permits you to store, share, and work on your files quickly. And as a user, you will be able to access your data on whichever device. It will be the best time whether you have been waiting to purchase a lifetime plan of cloud storage. pCloud offers a huge 2TB family plan at a 71% discount on this Christmas sale. To know more about the amazing plan, you must check out this blog.

There are a lot of benefits of using this cloud storage service on your smart devices. If you are planning to get the pCloud storage service, you can get a lifetime plan at a one-time payment of $ 400. Also, you will be able to share the plan with up to 5 people. Here, we have mentioned the features that the pCloud storage service offers to use to its users. Please take a look at the full post.

Features included in the pCloud storage service

Using the pCloud storage service on any smart device


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PS4 is one of the best gaming consoles on this platform, given Sony Interactive Entertainment. There are a number of game collections, and it has support for internet connectivity. If your PS4 has sufficient space and you would like an external hard drive to add it, follow this article it will help you out.

How to Attach the External Hard Drive to the PlayStation 4?

If you are attaching the external hard drive on the PS4 but don’t know how to do it? Execute the complete method explained below:

  1. Firstly, attach the drive to the USB 3.0 ports.
  2. After that, reach the settings of the PS4 option.
  3. You should click on the Devices option.
  4. ...>>>

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Google offers many apps and services, and Google Docs is one of them. Google Docs is an easy online word processing program used by millions of users worldwide. Earlier it was not easy to insert images, tables, and charts into your Google Docs. But now, it has become easier to insert images, tables, charts, and more into Google Docs.

Google Docs allows you to insert anything you want with @ key in your document. When you hit @ key, you get the list of all insertable items such as different types of lists, footnotes, images, and tables. You can also add more items from your Google Drive from Google Calendar. So, without any further ado, let's start the steps involved while inserting the items into your Google Docs.

Steps to insert images in Google Docs
  1. Click on @ -Menu and then choose the Image option.
  2. Next, you need to select the source to which you want to upload the image.
  3. ...>>>

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Do you use the Safari browser on your Apple device, or have you just started using the Chrome browser on your Android smartphone or tablet? Safari and Google Chrome are both the most popular and commonly used internet browsers among millions of Apple device users and Android smartphone users. Both of them are the best browsers that one can use to have the best browsing experience. It is much easier for anyone to use any of these browsers on any of their devices. Also, there are a lot of excellent features included in both browsers. For instance, you can reopen the closed tabs in the Safari browser on your iOS device, and you can do the same with the Chrome browser on your Android device as well.

Do you know how you can reopen the closed tabs in the Safari browser on your iPhone and Google Chrome browser on an Android device? Want to see the procedure for this? If yes, then you should read this


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Nowadays, the camera of smartphones has become the most preferred feature. The camera takes selfies, screenshots and captures unforgettable life moments. Thankfully, Pixel 6 provides you the different ways to take a screenshot. Google Pixel not only uses traditional hardware buttons but also has implemented other methods to take screenshots. Here are the steps you can follow to take screenshots using the different ways provided in the Google Pixel 6.

How to take a screenshot on Pixel 6 using the hardware button
  1. Press the Power button on the phone’s right side.
  2. Then, hold down the down volume button.
  3. Release both buttons simultaneously if you have done it perfectly, you will observe a small version of the screen you took.
  4. ...>>>

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Wondering about how to get your taxes done right, follow the guide to avoid blenders. 

As we all know, taxes are due on May 17, 2021, and how to file the taxes by the right time is the main worry. If it is not filed by the given time, then it may lead to the consequence of filing the extension. Now is the perfect timing to choose the best software, which will provide you with an easier and quicker way to get the work done with the benefits of various features. There are several reasons that may make your tax filing a little bit complicated like newly introduced paid sick leave, stimulus check income, shift of working from home, extensive working from the home shift, and unemployment insurance claims. 

With millions of worries, there is also plenty of solutions for filing taxes easily. People also have an option of filing taxes free, if your annual earning is less than $ 72,000, or have a simple tax


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Find local expert recommendations on restaurants, stores, and activities with the help of the new community feed feature.

Google has created numerous ways to help people to find what they want. And to add to the list of creating mediums to ease the difficult task of people, Google has added a new community feed feature in Android and iOS. Given the circumstances this year, it is more significant to get disconnected from society with the help of community discovery. As the new feature of community feed has been introduced, it is expected that the Maps will help people find information about the changes happening in the local areas.

The services of Google Maps have been helping to provide information on finding stores, restaurants, activities, traveling, and route planning as well. Some of the information on Google Maps are uploaded


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