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Over the years, printers have included several innovative attributes and quality for printing function. And these innovative features are the main reason why working with reliable printers has become easier and quicker. Users have received newly incorporated technologies and updated designs, which have genuinely modified the experience of printing jobs.

However, several facts are expected, for instance, minor issues emerging in the printer, including error codes.

The fact of printers being expensive and reliable is irrelevant to the error code occurrence. It is a fact that should be well remembered by you, as these error codes symbolize different issues generated inside your printer. Sometimes the reason for these error codes' occurrence is improper settings of internal parts. Although, error codes do not carry any legitimate cause behind them. They can bother


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Some users might experience Discord overlay flickering on their computer screen, which could be very frustrating. This problem can occur due to certain reasons such as applications' interference, wrong settings and configurations, and others.

If Discord overlay flickers on your computer as well, then you might be searching for a solution to fix it. You have come to the right place if you wish to fix the flickering issue on Discord.

Discord is an online chatting tool to communicate with people meanwhile using other apps. It has an overlay function that lets you chat with people even while playing games or using other applications. It is a perfect collaboration tool for gamers and office professionals.

If you haven't tested this software yet, you must do it now since it is one of the most popular social chatting tools.


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The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a media streaming device that comes with a lot of benefits. One can easily access this streaming device to stream their favorite TV shows, movies, and other videos. This device is available at a great price that anyone can easily afford. The Fire TV Stick looks like an oversized USB flash drive that you can plug into your smart TV's HDMI port. One can use this media streaming device for storing their files. And you can even cast your smartphone's screen on this device. There are a lot of things that you can do with an Amazon Fire TV Stick device. And recording the screen is one of the major benefits of having this device. Nowadays, almost all smart devices contain the screen recording feature within them. Screen recording is a great feature, and it can be helpful in some situations.

For instance, one can use the screen recording functionality to record a video of an ongoing game on


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The Windows 10 operating system comes with a great feature that improves the gaming experience of its users. We usually play games on our computer systems. And for that, Windows 10 provides its users with a gaming feature called Xbox Game Bar. The following feature enables Windows 10 users to record the gameplay footage and take screenshots of the ongoing game. The Xbox Game bar feature generates the game’s videos in MP4 format and screenshots in the PNG format. The users can share the screenshots and recorded videos on YouTube or any other social networking platform. If you also love to play a lot of games on your Windows 10 computer system, then you should definitely use this amazing gaming feature. And doing so is much easier. You can access the Xbox Game Bar feature on your Windows computer by using a keyboard shortcut, that is “Windows + G.”

There are various other ways also for accessing the Xbox Game Bar feature on any Windows computer. You


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Motorola Moto E7i Power is a new upcoming smartphone that offers an excellent combination of performance and design. It is the cheapest smartphone with long battery life. This smartphone will be the most affordable mobile at the moment that is available at £ 79.99 in the UK (about $ 110 or AU $ 150). 

To be able to go on sale for a certain price, all smartphones make some compromises, and how many compromises you're prepared to make is a matter of personal preference (and depends upon the budget you have). We can inform you about the Moto E7i Power's value for money, which is excellent. This lightweight, slim, and stylish phone will be available in a variety of colors. 

Motorola Moto E7i Power specifications

The phone is expected to have a 6.4-inch (16.25-centimeter) display with a resolution of 720 x 1560


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21.10.2020 00:26, г. New Suffolk, США Смотреть на карте

By Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, a former KGB and CIA “Filament”,

The author of the White House Special H, Espionage and Counterespionage 


585-456-7836, New York

On  June 22, 2001, I've sent a letter to the U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton and asked her to help me with my family reunion, blocked by CIA. She responded fast, she was obviously scared and she didn’t ask a single question about the CIA.  


Hillary Rodham Clinton, Senator, United States Senate

Washington, DC, 20510--3254


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