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Введите начальные буквы названия и через секунду-две выберите вариант из появившегося списка
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Для навигации по административному делению
Вызывает меню выбора страны, региона, города или места
Позволяет с помощью поиска-автоподбора по названию сразу перейти в нужное место (подробнее в разделе "автоподбор гео места")
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There must have been times when you wanted to spend your leisure time playing some game but you didn't have enough storage on your phone to download a big fancy game from Google Play Store. Well, these big fancy games are often available in online mode, and along with consuming a lot of time, they consume a lot of space and RAM on your phone. That's why we have sorted you a list of amazing small games that you can play on your Android device to pass your leisure time fantastically. These games will not take up much space on your phone, will run offline as well as online, and the game loading time is also going to be less.


Even if you are not a fan of this archery in your real life, you are going to love this


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