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Red Bull Air Race моменты слайд шоу из жизни воздушных полетов

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Смотреть 'Xiaomi MI Band-5: Leaks, Rumours & What to Expect'

The fitness band by Xiaomi does complete justice to the company’s track record of producing devices that are built well and yet do not cost much. Costing around $40 in the US, it is a go to device for people who have a tight budget to maintain. Much due to the success of Mi Band-4 by Xiaomi, the launch of its successor, Mi band 5 anticipated Mi in the coming summer. While we offer all that we know about the Xiaomi Band-5, there are also certain aspects we’d wanted it to improve on.

The amount of rumours surrounding the Xiaomi’s 5th fitness tracker of the series have increased exponentially as the release date gets closer. Rumours of potential upgrades in the band’s hardware and also its potential release month started doing rounds in January.  If we pay heed to rumours then the 0.95-inch display (in MI Band-4) will


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Смотреть 'How to Fix the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC not Responding Error?'

Adobe Acrobat Reader is one of the best PDF readers in its segment. It offers you constant latest updates, but many users complained that they are getting Adobe Acrobat Reader isn’t responding error. When they invoke a PDF, they receive this error. So, if you would like to know how to fix it, then here are the instructions to solve this error.

Launch the Software on Compatibility Mode 

If the users are attempting to launch the software on compatibility mode, then they should correctly employ the given instructions.

  1. Navigate to the pursuing file: ‘C:Program Files(x86)AdobeAcrobat Reader DCReader.’
  2. ...>>>

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Смотреть 'Top 10 Registry Tips for Windows 10'

Windows 10 has a lot of advantages to it as Microsoft keeps updating the previous versions to keep them up-to-date. Microsoft appears to be targeting everyday users and working in favour of making the personal as well as working experience better. There are several reasons as to why you should upgrade to Windows 10, and here are some of them:

Pros of Windows 10

A Complete New Update

Windows 10 tend to provide you a new generation experience. Windows 10 has totally new updates with a pinch of improvements from windows 7 and 8. As mentioned above Microsoft tends to target everyday users and work to provide them a better experience.


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Смотреть 'How to Figure Out What Graphics Card Do You Have'

It’s good to have a graphics card on the computer, but do you really which graphics card does your computer has? Graphics card in the computer provides several types of benefits. Your machine gets compatible with the required specification of gaming and other applications that work if graphics cards are available. You always need to be updated with the technology, and your drivers should be upgraded when you have a graphics card in the computer.

Figuring out what GPU do you have in your computer is fairly simple, but it also depends on the operating system that you are taking in use. For Windows 10 users and for the macOS 10.15 Catalina or any earlier version, there are differences in finding the graphics card. Some cards have their own feature of finding the version of the card,


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Смотреть 'Facing No Camera Found in Google Hangouts? Here is the Fix'

Google Hangouts is an excellent platform for remote video conference and meetings. One of the best thing about the platform is you don’t face any issue when you call with Hangouts video or audio calling. However, there is a chance to get a problem sometimes with Hangouts camera.

“No Camera Found” is an issue that most of the user have reported, and this is happening only with Google Hangouts not with your webcam. In this article, we will show you how you can fix the “No camera found” in Google Hangouts:

How to Solve No Camera Found

First, we have to start with the main problem. If Google Hangouts is not able to find your camera, then you need to set it up correctly. You need to check the settings through


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