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Смотреть 'You Must Use These Free Calendar Apps on Your Android Smartphone'

Calendars are an important tool to keep track of time. Your phone has got you rid of the need of carrying a paper calendar every time with you because you can access a calendar of different years and even centuries just with a click on your smartphone. Calendars on your phone are smart enough to not only provide you with the information about dates and days but also capable enough to help you in keeping track of important days and events in your life. If you are using an Android device then there are plenty of useful calendar apps available for you but it is always challenging to pick the best ones. In this article, we have listed the best calendar apps based on their features and capabilities. Let's scroll through the list.


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Смотреть 'These Exciting Features Are Coming With iOS 14'

iPhone’s new update iOS 14, is expected to be out in the middle of September 2020. Users are curious and enthusiastic about the new features and functions rolling with the new update because it is supposed that it will be bringing some significant updates and changes in the interface. Apple has already made beta versions available for the public which is being tested by eager Apple fans and reports say that they are enjoying the new updates. In this article, we are going to tell you all the significant new features and changes that are coming to your iPhone with the latest update. Let’s go through all of them.

The very first thing you need to know about the new iOS 14 before reading this article


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Смотреть '9 Apps on Google Play Store That Have More Than a Billion Downloads'

Google Play Store has a collection of innumerable apps which multiply on a very regular basis. The apps have a wide range and encompass genres like informative, gaming, memory building, social media, learning, dating, entertainment, finance, health and fitness, maps and many more. Since all the categories have an abundance of options to choose from, it is a milestone for an app to reach one thousand million downloads.  Reaching such a big number in terms of downloads signifies the reliance and trust of a huge population on your code and app. Here are some such apps whose download numbers are north of one billion.


The very first of its kind, WhatsApp is the go-to phone messenger for everyone nowadays.


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Смотреть 'These Are the Best Office Apps to Use on Android'

Smart technology has surely made our lives easier. We have become habitual of using our smartphones to get done with important things in our home and offices both. Android smartphones have made it even easier, because the things we thought that could be done by computers only, can also be done on our phones now. Managing your office work is one such thing. You have got plenty of options available on your phone to draft documents, create spreadsheets and presentations. In this article, we are going to look at some brilliantly designed office apps, available for your android smartphone which is going to make your office work easier and accessible anytime, anywhere on your phone. Let’s go through this list.


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Смотреть 'Edge Canary Lets Users Preview Tabs via Hidden Flag'

Edge Canary is the new and the latest browser by Microsoft. The developers are adding some amazing features to make it more attractive for users. In the latest features for the  Edge Canary,  there is a section that asks you to use this browser as the default browser. But you have the option to choose it only if you want to use it.

Recently, Microsoft has released a new feature for the Edge Canary Channel users through the  v86.0.593.0 . It comes with the latest “Tab Preview” feature. 

Tab Preview feature can prove to be extremely useful for many users. The feature allows you to preview the thumbnail of the page when you move the pointer of the mouse over that specific tab. Microsoft hasn't activated this feature for all the  Edge Canary  Channel users yet. So, there are chances that the feature won't work for everyone.


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