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Смотреть '5 Redeemable Marvel Movie Villains'

Marvel Cinematic Universe has been dealing with a lot of compelling villains from the beginning. Some of them are redeemable, and some are too evil to be saved. We have noticed various remarkable villains from the film Avengers to X-Men, who have completely different targets and goals. Out of this wide variety of villains in the MCU, some are very destructive and harm a number of people without any apparent reason. On the other hand, there are also some villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who have completely changed the thoughts of the audience by their desire to make a difference. However, they do not know how they can approach this. There are some villains like Nebula from the film Guardians of the Galaxy, who are just minions, follow orders, and wish for a great and better life. In this article,


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01.09.2020 11:17, г. Tashir, Армения Смотреть на карте
Смотреть 'Are You Upgrading Your RAM? Take a Note of These Points'

Upgrading the RAM is the most suitable technique to boost your desktop or laptop performance. However, choosing the right RAM is not as easy as it may sound. There is a list of factors that should be considered before making the final decision.

So, here we are with the perfect buyer’s guide to enhance your system’s RAM. By following this guide, you will learn how to check each of the important factors properly.

Know Your Existing RAM and Maximum Capacity

You must acquire proper knowledge of the existing RAM, before upgrading to a new one. You need to check the maximum RAM limit your computer can support. Then only, you can move ahead with your mission RAM.


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The Surface Headphones 2 is the new over-ears Microsoft’s headphones. It is the latest addition in the Surface Audio line-up that too in the pocket-friendly price. 

It is a solid sequel by Microsoft with Bluetooth and an active Noise-cancellation feature. 

More Information About Its Design

The Original Surface Headphones were too good in terms of comfort and build. Microsoft hasn’t altered these features in its second-generation Surface Headphones. 

It is a design that you had expected. It is designed in such a way that you can wear it for a longer duration. It is a lightweight headphone with a plastic frame and ergonomic shape. 

Their earpads are soft, and it will help you to wear them for an extended period. There is no scope of overheating or pinching around the ears, and even the headphone does not dig into your head.


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