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The trending cloud gaming service,  Nvidia GeForce Now  is ceased to lose titles from Warner Bros , Xbox Game Studios , Klei Entertainment and Codemasters . The subsequent news has been proclaimed by Nvidia and they added that the titles will be removed after 24 th April , 2020 .       

Although, the news will definitely spread despair among gamers across the globe but it will sadden especially those who are fans of popular game such as Gear of War or Halo: The Master Chief Collection . As soon these games will not allow GeForce to access them, as ordered by Xbox Game Studios. Whereas Warner Bros will be restricted GeForce from its popular game included Batman: Arkham alongside Mortal Kombat . In the following race of boycotting Nvidia GeForce Now, Codemasters and Klei Entertainment are also taking part. The popular racing game developer, Codemasters will restricted GeForce from accessing to its popular games including Dirt Series        . Whereas klei Entertainment will stop


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Notes for foreign tourists when buying train tickets:

Purchase channels (there are two general ways to purchase train tickets in China):

You can directly buy a train ticket from Shanghai to Lhasa with a certificate at the railway station or train ticket sales point, but the disadvantage of this method is that in addition to providing a valid certificate, you need to provide a letter of entry to Tibet. Letters to Tibet are generally issued by travel agencies about 10 days in advance, and train tickets are issued one month in advance in China. If you wait to get a letter to Tibet to purchase, it is likely that the ticket has been sold out.

Buying a train ticket from Shanghai to Lhasa online at the Ministry of Railways' official website 12306.cn is a good choice for foreign guests living in the mainland. The disadvantage of this method is


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NetBIOS stands for “Network Basic Input/Output System.” It is a tool of Windows operating system, which enables the applications of a system to connect and communicate over a LAN (Local area network). For the network adapters, NetBIOS is enabled by default in Windows 10. But, if you don’t want to use the NetBIOS protocol on your PC, then you can disable it easily.

Disabling NetBIOS from Control Panel

In order to disable the NetBIOS from Control Panel, you’ll have to open navigate to the Network connections settings. Here is how.

Go to your desktop and press the ‘Windows logo + X’ shortcut. This will open a menu at the lower-left corner of the desktop.

Look for the ‘Run’ option on the menu and click on it. Doing so opens the Run dialog box.


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Using Windows 10 by creating a password or any other way of authentication is one of the most secure ways for keeping your files and device safe for years. However, sometimes creating a login password may just create few additional steps in the process of login into Windows 10 accounts. Luckily, if anyone has a Windows 10 device without significant files, and you are not worried regarding security. Therefore, Windows 10 includes numerous ways to delete the account password. Underneath are some simple steps which help you in automatically log in or delete the sign in password permanently from the Windows 10 device which completely depends on the account type you have. The steps are quite simple and easily understandable by every Windows 10 users. Although removing or deleting your Windows 10 password will also remove the security from the system. The steps are discussed below.

Steps to Delete Password on Windows 10


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Swimming is not as easy as it looks. Swimming requires a vast amount of energy, oxygen, and body movements. But it takes enough time of practice and will power too. If it's about a hobby and from a fitness perspective, swimming is one of the best options to go with. It has multiple health benefits and it's worth investing time in it. Here's the list of top iOS apps for swimming. These apps are for beginners, intermediate level as well as for advanced level swimmers.

1. MySwimPro

Consider MySwimpro as your new coach, which will guide you at every level of swimming. The app helps in various factors like getting stronger, swim faster, and incredibly improve your swimming techniques. MySwimPro consists of different types of workout, personal training plans, and drills on your iPhone and Apple Watch and many more. User can track daily progress in the app.


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Flash games are fantastic- they are available all over the web, and are easy and free to play. If you have found a flash game and want to download it, then the game itself must fulfill some criteria. That’s why some Flash games can’t be downloaded. If you want to download Flash games on your PC, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox should be installed in your device. Here are the steps to download flash games in Chrome or Firefox.

Steps to download Flash Games on PC with Chrome

If you don’t have Chrome in your PC, download the browser first, and then follow these steps.

1.    Open the Chrome browser.

2.    Locate to the website from where you want to download the flash games.

3.    Open the game’s page and wait until it does not load completely.


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If you are a blogger or digital marketer, you will find it hard to use Google images on your blog or website because every image you see on the Google search results page is someone’s property. But finally, I discovered many ways to use Google images without any hassles. I have now become an expert in blogging, and today, I am going to share all my secrets on how to use Google images without any hassles.

How To Use Google Search Engine Result Page Images With Google Search Result Modifier?

This method is the easiest and fastest way to use images without any problem — this process of using images for a commercial purpose also one of Google’s recommendations.

Go to Google and search for the images which you need on your website or blog.

Now click on “Images” and then click on “Settings” located below the search bar.


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In the present technological world, it is easy to create a number of online accounts and download apps that end up sitting around collecting dust. Whether you signed up for a free trial or downloaded an app that was suggested in an ad, in the end, all of this will just cause clutter. While there is not much significant disadvantage to having unused online accounts, it is better if you remove them. The lesser online accounts you will have, the safer will you and your devices be.

If any of your app or accounts get compromised, then your private data such as email address, etc. can get exposed. Hence, it is best if you get rid of all the accounts that are not being used. It is also good to wipe out your digital footprints, and removing unused accounts will be a step towards it.

Locating old and unused apps and accounts


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