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Смотреть 'The Flash: DC Characters That Can Replace Elongated Man'

The Elongated Man / Ralph Dibny is a fictional superhero character of the DC comics. The famous actor Hartley Sawyer has played the role of the Elongated Man / Ralph Dibny in the famous television series, The Flash.

The actor Sawyer has been fired from The Flash, season 7 because of some inappropriate tweets by him. Now the CW and Warner Bros. TV have yet to clarify if they want to recast the character Elongated Man or will they remove this character from the fate of The Flash forever.

Here we will discuss the names of some DC characters that can replace Elongated Man for the regular continuation of the series.


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07.08.2020 13:16, г. Бискра, Алжир Смотреть на карте
Смотреть 'How to Empty Your Trash Automatically in Mac'

 From the time Apple launched macOS 10.12 Sierra, your Mac has a feature to automatically clear the Trash every month. This feature allows your Mac to automatically delete all files from Trash in every 30 days. In this way, you can keep the hard drive of your Mac in an optimal condition. Whenever you delete anything from your Mac, it moves to the Trash and allows you to undo your actions. Once you delete a file from Trash, there is no way to recover it. 

So, use this feature with caution as you might not be able to recover the files once your Mac automatically empties the Trash. In this article, we will tell you how to enable this feature or disable it when needed. 


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04.08.2020 15:11, г. Бискра, Алжир Смотреть на карте
Смотреть 'Is 5G Safe for Your Health?'

5G technology has been creating buzz ever since it was first announced to be incoming in particular smartphones. Countries in the west have been at a territorial fight with the Chinese tech giant Huawei over the spread of their respective 5G networks. Recently, Nokia joined the ranks of the company with a safer way to introduce the tech to the masses, bringing relief to the western powers. Amongst these high tension international corporate politics, internet users globally have been making claims about the hazards of the new tech on our bodies and immune systems. These claims are not only unscientific and baseless, but they are also causing unnecessary chaos in an already tension-filled time.

5G does not spread any viruses!

As reiterated by reputed agencies on either side of


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