Автоподбор страны, региона, города
Введите начальные буквы названия и через секунду-две выберите вариант из появившегося списка
Если такого названия в списке нет - напишите нам

Подробнее об автоподборе
Для навигации по административному делению
Вызывает меню выбора страны, региона, города или места
Позволяет с помощью поиска-автоподбора по названию сразу перейти в нужное место (подробнее в разделе "автоподбор гео места")
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Смотреть 'The Misfit of the Demon King Academy: Ray Is Determined to Defeat Anos'

In the previous episode of The Misfit of the Demon King Academy, we saw Anos being conflicted over his participation in the Magic Sword Art Tournament. Ray is the incarnation of Anos’s old friend Shin. He shows his trust in Anos and tells him that he is sure that Anos will win the tournament easily. Although a pure-blooded royal, Ray stands by him knowing well that the royals will hate to see Anos win. But everything is about to change as Ray’s mother is unwell, which is about to pose a threat to their friendship.

The Magic Sword Tournament has already begun, and both Anos and Ray are probably the strongest competitors in it. Even though Anos has won his first match, he still has to


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