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Смотреть 'Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Referenced The Original Books'

BBC's Sherlock is an incredible series. But whether the show will continue is still unknown. The show is fantastic and can be watched multiple times. Each of its episodes is full of mystery and puzzle references. In this article, we will talk about ten times the Sherlock series referred to the original books.

Beep, Beep

In “The Great Game”, the series ends with Sherlock's first encounter with arch-nemesis Moriarty (Andrew Scott beautifully performed the character of a priest). Moriarty challenges Sherlock with some puzzles that keep him busy in the running. The five beeps Holmes hears before each problem, this is the reference to a short story named “Five


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Many smartphone manufacturers likeOnePlus,Samsung, andAppleare known for offering premium smartphones to users. Oppo is known for providing amazing mid-range smartphones, but with the Find X2 Pro, the smartphone company is offering new premium smartphones to the buyers. 

Let’s talk about this smartphone and its specifications

Design Of Oppo Find X2 Pro

The device is available in an attractive orange vegan leather and black variant. The product has a classy dual curved-edge panel, but it cannot deliver the exact design like the Apple iPhone 11. 

The smartphone has a front-facing camera just on the top-left corner of the display. There is a volume button on the left side of the device and a power button on its opposite side. Unfortunately, the


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If you have a love for crosswords and you keep looking for them with higher difficulties, then you should surely use these amazing crosswords apps on our list. These apps are available on major app stores. You can get them installed on your device to kill your time and to improve your vocabulary. These crossword puzzles come in different sizes with different difficulty levels and are going to keep your leisure time occupied with this hobby. We are going to share this list of amazing crossword puzzle apps that you can download for free. Let's explore more from this list !!

World's Biggest Crossword

It is one of the best crossword apps available on Android and iOS. It keeps getting updated continuously so you can keep going with it, without reaching an end. There are hundreds of unique puzzles and you are rewarded for solving those. There is a new lengthy crossword puzzle on the app every day.


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