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Смотреть 'norton.com/setup'

We are norton.com/setup is a independent technical support provider on on-site and On-Demand Technical or Information Services For Norton related products.Use Of the Name, trademarks, logo & Product Images of Norton is only for reference purposes and otnorton.com is no way related to suggesting that otnorton.com info or services have any business association with Norton Products.

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Смотреть 'office.com/setup'

office.com/setup  is an independent support provider on On-Demand Remote Technical Services For Microsoft Office products. Use of Microsoft Name, logo, trademarks & Product Images is only for reference and in no way intended to suggest that  office.com/setup  Technology has any business association with Microsoft Office. office.com/setup

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Смотреть 'Add HBO Backgrounds of Westworld and Game of Thrones to Your Zoom Calls'

You can sit on the chair of John Oliver and the Iron Throne with the HBO backgrounds during your Zoom Calls.

The Zoom video conferencing app can make its Zoom calls much more exciting than ever before. The HBO backgrounds, including Westworld and Game of Thrones, are now available for download. Now, users can enjoy their Zoom calls by downloading these exciting backgrounds. In the recent few weeks, Zoom has released several backgrounds of favorite shows and movies to help the users to customize their remote meetings and video chats. Amidst the ongoing health outbreak, Not only the video conferencing Zoom gained popularity but also its Zoom backgrounds. Zoom app is offering a wide range of facilities to its users, including government agencies, tech startups, and regular people searching


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Смотреть '5G Uploads by Verizon is a Great News for Gaming, Social Media Video & Zoom Call'

Verizon is making uploads through 5G technology available in various cities. It is resulting in providing several benefits to gaming and video sharing calls.

Verizon has rolled out its 5G technology, which is now available for uploads in various cities. With rolling out the 5G uploads available, the company is making the 5G technology quite more user friendly. The user experience regarding 5G technology is not the same everywhere as the company is made available only in a few cities. The emphasis was on downloads earlier, and it has not been changed strictly till now. However, it is going to bridge the gap. The 5G technology is rolling out in various cities and locations still, slowly even though it faced several conspiracies and criticisms. Many of the people linked Verizon's 5G technology to be part of an ongoing health outbreak.


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Смотреть 'How to Reduce Fire TV Stick Data Usage'

Fire TV Stick is a device that can be plugged into your HDMI support TV and stream any shows, TV series, or movies from online to directly on your TV. Fire TV Stick users might know that it consumes a lot of data, more than you might anticipate. If you are someone who has a limited amount of data per month that gets consumed by streaming online like this, you might want to monitor your data consumption first. To do so, go to your Settings> Preferences> Data Monitoring> Data Monitoring> Monthly Top Data Usage, which will show you the amount of data consumed each month.

If you particularly want to know about the data that each app has been consuming, go to Settings> Preferences> Data Monitoring> Data Monitoring and switch on the toggle. You'll be able to see the data consumption.


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Epic Games is acclaimed globally for the promising aspects that they usually added to their game. Fortnite is the best example to prove it thus, they have added a new challenging twist in the No Right to Bear Arms challenge. The gamers who have already played the post April’s challenge must know about the conflict that has arisen between Gnomes and Teddy bears. However, the conflict persists even after various gamers have resolved it.

Now, to meet the requirements of Fortnite’s world, the gamers have to favor Gnomes and help them in destroying teddy bears. Through the medium of this blog, we have provided below a proper workaround to help the gamers in destroying teddy bears along with Gnomes.

Destroy Teddy Bears

As we have already mentioned about the Gnomes and Teddy Bears challenge, it has arrived through theTed


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The demand for the battle royale video games has increased rapidly in the past few years. Several games in the battle royale segment have been introduced already, and yet more are on their way. However, Call of Duty will always remain everyone’s favorite not because it is one of the first games in the battle royale segment but due to its perseverance of upgrading itself. Recently in post-march, a new version of this game has been introduced by Infinity Ward along with Raven Software. The game is known as Call of Duty: Warzone.

The fundamental attribute of the developers of Call of Duty: Warzone has recently included a new update in it. The update has brought various new features and aspects to the Warzone world. However, several restrictions have also been derived into this game through the newly arrived update. One of them has started hindering the gamers from the opening of the essential vaults of the game. The gamers


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Anime is an animation style that originated in Japan, which includes all types of animated media. It is often characterized by colorful graphics, vibrant characters, and whimsical themes. Over the past few years, anime has gained tremendous popularity all over the world. It is a prodigious amalgamation of storytelling, art, and music with animation. However, purchasing anime movies, web series, cartoons, etc. can burn a hole in your pocket. Nonetheless, you can grant access to them without paying a single penny in the following sites, and fortunately.

  • Crunchyroll 

In recent times, Crunchyroll has topped the list of anime collections. You can watch anime content without even creating an account. Although creating an account gives


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