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Simple Treatment of Textile Sealed Bearings New cotton spinning equipment due to dust, heat and high-speed requirements, the use of a large number of SOLP guide slide plate, wear pad, oilless bearing plate. These bearings run a certain period of time, due to internal copper sleeve for lack of oil, resulting in dry and damaged bearings. Such as the import of air spinning machine sealed bearings, the number of good, but the use of a few years later, because they can not be cleaned and replenished grease, so that a large number of sealed bearings damaged scrapped, an increase of equipment failure and unnecessary expenses. Two simple and effective cleaning and refueling methods are described. The first set of bearing manufacturer cylinder cleaning method, apply to the WF-WB800 Harden Flanged Bearing shell at both ends of the sealed bearings. The method is first soaked in kerosene bearing 1h a 2h, and then according to the bearing diameter size, make special sleeve, both cleaning, but also fuel.


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