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Website is essential in today’s modern digital world. In order to grow the online presence of your business or brand, you can create a website. If you are not good at programming skills, you may face problems designing a website from scratch. Thanks to Wix, anyone with little programming skills can easily create a website. Wix offers several themes, templates, and fonts to customize your website. The customization tools offered by Wix allow you to create a professional website for your business. We have provided the full procedure to assist you in creating a website on Wix. Follow the steps provided below:

Create Your Account on Wix

If you want to create your Wix account to create a website, you need to go to the sign-up page of Wix. Enter the username and set a password in the provided fields. Follow the steps shown on the screen in order to access your Wix account. That is how you can quickly create


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Do you use a Windows computer and want to get rid of notification badges on apps pinned to your taskbar? Undoubtedly notifications can be pretty helpful as they keep you updated by letting you keep track of messages, emails, and everything from supercritical stuff to a group chat with your friends. And all the versions of Microsoft's Windows operating system support notification. Windows 11, the recently upgraded Windows version, also features a notification badge that you can see on any app pinned to your taskbar. If you are new to Windows OS, you might not know what a notification badge looks like. It is simply a red dot that you can see on any app icon indicating that there is an unread notification related to the app. However, to some users, the glaring red circle on the taskbar might seem quite annoying.

Windows 11 comes with a lot of great features and options that one can use to improvise their computing


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If you see the ‘critical service failed’ error message on your computer screen, it means you are either running an incompatible application or have connected an incompatible device. You can also get the problem on your PC if you have not updated the drivers. If you have accidentally changed something in your computer’s system files, it could also be a reason for it. Whatsoever, we have mentioned some practical tips in this article for troubleshooting the critical service failed error.

Solving Critical Service Failure on Windows 10

  1. Using System Restore

If you follow the below instructions, you might be able to resolve the error pretty efficiently:

  • First of all, restart your computer a few times, and you will redirect to the boot options screen.


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The social networking site Facebook allows users to share their ideas, pictures, and videos however, a new feature has been added that allows users to pray for others. Facebook has begun rolling out a new Prayer Request tool, which will allow certain religious leaders and other users to pray online with people who are connected with them, according to the company. However, several people have voiced their dissatisfaction with the new function, claiming that it is an unneeded addition to the platform.

The feature became the part of Facebook Groups

Facebook has integrated the new function into groups, and the controls connected with it will be in the hands of group administrators. Whenever someone is ill, or before a job interview, or whenever there is a small problem, group members may request the rest of the members pray with them. Following


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Android 12 is coming soon. All the brands are getting ready to roll out an update based on Android 12. Xiaomi is coming with MIUI 13, Samsung is coming with their next version of fun UI. OnePlus is also coming with an update. It will be Oxygen OS 12.

Oxygen OS 12

Oxygen OS has the best custom skins so far. It is very smooth and fluid. It gives a stock experience. It also comes with customization options. OnePlus is very consistent with its updates.

Below is the list of eligible OnePlus phones for the update to Android 12:

  • OnePlus 6T
  • Oneplus 7
  • OnePlus 7 Pro
  • ...>>>

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