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19 июня 2019 г. 12:46

Small vacuum pump

Small vacuum pump

1. Start-up with load.

If a small vacuum pump has a vacuum in its suction port or a pressure in its exhaust port before starting, another technical parameter of the pump should be considered: the maximum start-up load of the intake port and the maximum start-up load of the exhaust port.

2. Medium temperature of small vacuum pump. According to the temperature of the medium gas passing through the pump, choose the ordinary type or the high temperature type.

3. Reliability of small vacuum pumps. According to the severity of the consequences of the failure of the micro-pump, it is completely in accordance with its own requirements. Special attention is paid to the fact that this parameter is measured under full load and uninterrupted operation, which is the worst working condition. If the actual operation is not full load or continuous operation, the value will be higher, depending on the working condition of the pump. This performance is a test of the manufacturer's technical strength. From the appearance of the product, we can see some, such as the use of special motors rather than ordinary low-cost motors, the weight is relatively heavy in the case of comparable volume, and so on. According to the price of the product, we can also know a little.

4. Electromagnetic interference of small vacuum pump. If a small vacuum pump is controlled by a precise circuit, it may be necessary to order a small vacuum pump with low electromagnetic interference, depending on the anti-interference capability of the circuit.

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