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19 июня 2019 г. 12:36

Development of Automatic Control System for Vacuum Furnace

Development of Automatic Control System for Vacuum Furnace

Vacuum furnace is the main energy-consuming equipment in our production and life. According to the international advanced level, the utilization rate of energy in our country is very low, and the potential of energy saving is great. In order to make the temperature precision reach (+1 C), the control process of charging, pressurizing and solenoid valve required by mechanical action and heat treatment process of vacuum furnace can be automatically controlled with programmable logic controller (PLC), which greatly improves the reliability of the system and guarantees the heat treatment quality of the workpiece. SHlMADEN of Japan has recently developed a programmable vacuum furnace temperature controller FP-21, which inputs heat treatment temperature control curve and programmable parameters into the regulator. With its fast, intuitive and rich on-site working interface, the whole process of on-site furnace temperature control can be realized through the combination of different functions. Actual operation has good regulation effect, guarantees the accuracy of temperature control in each temperature section, realizes the automatic process control of vacuum furnace temperature, and greatly improves the heat treatment quality of precision mechanical parts.

In a word, the introduction of automatic control in vacuum furnace control system not only improves the welding quality and work efficiency of vacuum brazing, but also improves the economic efficiency of the system, and realizes the energy saving and sustainable development of the system.

The control principle is that the temperature signal is supplied to the regulator by the temperature detection element. The regulator sets parameters according to the programmable temperature control curve, carries out PID self-tuning in different time periods, and sends out control signals to the actuator thyristor power regulator. By adjusting the power of the electric furnace wire, the automatic control of the furnace temperature is realized. Because of the flexible curve programming function of the programmable regulator, the furnace temperature can be controlled in the whole process by choosing suitable parameters of the programming curve.

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