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18 сентября 2018 г. 12:00

Pancake furnace


Cake oven: It is one of the good sunshine baking machines. It consists of oven, operating table and moving wheel. The oven is composed of three layers of steel frame, high temperature refractory brick, insulation composite material, stainless steel tray, stove, hearth, door and accessories.
high temperature vacuum brazing furnace
Introduction of baked cake oven
Cake oven is a kind of utensils for baking bread. It has a long history of making technology. In the early days, it used ordinary iron pot, pasted a thick layer of grass, mud and white ash on the outside, opened a fifteen centimeters or so on one side of the iron pot, buckled the pot, burned it with charcoal below, and then put it inside. A tool with pepper and salt, a splash knife on the outside and sesame-sugar paste on the top wall of an iron pan to bake.
Vacuum sintering furnace custom made
Flavour of pancake
Sesame cake made by pancake maker authentic Zhoucun flavor
It has four characteristics: crisp, fragrant, thin and crisp. It is rich in nutrition and suitable for all ages. It inherits the characteristics of Zhoucun pancake. It is round yellow, thin as paper, and is famous for its thin, fragrant, crisp and crisp.
Vacuum melting furnace working principle
Burgers, a popular baking pasta, a wide range of cakes, baking cakes, Jinyun Burgers, Hugou Burgers, sesame Burgers, crisp Burgers, crisp Burgers, hairpin, slag Burgers, candy and sesame sauce Burgers, dry Burgers, hearth Burgers, Rose Converted Burgers, pastry Burgers, Zongzi, Du Weiqi More than 100 patterns of fire, ox tongue cake and so on.
liquid ring vacuum pump in China
The varieties of pancakes include: Changjing, Jinyun, 1000-layer, Hugou, Shannan, Jiande, Oil Crisp, Hanging Furnace, Huangqiao, Minced Meat, Zibo, Jingxing, Cao County and Northeast.
Pancake in the lower pond
rotary vane vacuum pump manufacturer
The lower Tanggu pancake is a traditional famous food in Hefei, Anhui. It originated in the Han Dynasty and became famous in the late Qing Dynasty. Now it has become a municipal intangible cultural heritage in Hefei. The baked pancake tool was originally spread in the Han Dynasty and served as a tin pot. First of all, set up a good cooker, the big iron pot buckled on the cooker rack, iron pot outside with clean clay and white ash, hemp knife head (cotton and hemp leftovers) mixing evenly, wipe on the outside of the pot, do warm. In the stove, the charcoal fire rises, the good noodles are made into flour agent, the tundish is filled with various prepared fillings, on the desk according to the circle, on the surface sprinkled with sesame, skillfully turned over the back of the hand, pasted on the pot.

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