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«Нам шутки строить и жить помогают!»
8 июня 2009 г. 13:32

Прикольные Велики! (фото)

Tank! / Builder: Sailor Neale of the East Vancouver PedalPlay metal studio.

Not exactly a freak bike, but there is something freaky about these kids and their penny farthings.

There are choppers, and then there are these.

When two wheels just aren’t enough, you need the Six Wheelie.

Five bucks to anyone who can categorize this bike, being paraded by a member of Rat Patrol.

Not quite training wheels…

“No idea about who this is riding the chopper, just happened to snap it on Wells Street. I think he is part of the Chicago Critical Mass group.”

A burrito built by Mark Veno: “When I moved to Portland I was inspired by the existing bike culture and built my first tallbike. I try to make my freakbikes as usable as “real” bikes. Soon I’ll be moving to San Diego to spread the freakbike love to SoCal.”

One of the craziest tall bikes out there, and pannier-ready to boot!

The very definition of an art bike.

Alan Sikiric’s Mutandem: “Only from the fields of muck and hazardous grime known as the Jerz could something so horrifying arise!”

Good for carting around…whatever. / Builder: Chris Martin

“A rock n’ roll/punk kid rode this to the Coffee Bean in Playa Vista the other day. Love that it has an old-fashioned horn on the handlebars.”

For when you really don’t want to worry about getting a flat.

Burrito-recumbent, complete with suspension and sound system / Builder: Doc

The Ross Island Explorer, a fully amphibious human-powered tallbike-paddleboat.

“West Coast Chopper”

The Reverse Cowgirl, built by Mark Veno. “It was displayed at PDX Airport when they had the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Exhibit. I was the only non-professional builder exhibiting.”

“This is Sailor Neale, with another of his crazy creations. This particular bike is jointed in the middle, just behind the handlebars. It folds fully in half if you don’t pay attention. You steer by using your hips to swivel the central joint, and then using the handlebars to simultaneously steer the front wheel.”

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