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20 августа 2017 г. 13:04

Other media latest at Mmogo

With David - Louis, Tiago - Silva equivalent level defender far away. Ramos hopes to get a new contract with an annual salary of 10 million euros, but Florentino is NBA Live Mobile Coins not willing to renew the former. It now appears that the development of things has made Real Madrid unable to control. Real Madrid executives would have thought that to Ramos a new contract he recognized, will let the Spanish riots subsided, obediently choose to renew.


But let them can not expect is that the team before the actions have been completely hurt the team's vice heart, Ramos has been reluctant to renew the contract with the NFL Coins team, even if Real Madrid is willing to come up with a generous renewal contract. Rennes, Ramos's agent, but also his brother, has clearly told Real Madrid, the players I do not want to renew the contract with the team, the club needs to understand that they are free to complete the renewal of the opportunity.


Ramos hopes to move to Manchester United this summer, and Manchester United is the only club he wants to play. Many of the top goalkeeper are expected to change the door this summer, Cech from Chelsea to Arsenal basically a foregone conclusion, he will accept Arsenal next Wednesday physical examination. In between, Deheya, Loris, Casillas's fate is also expected to reveal the answer. According to the "Mirror", "team", "


Aspen", "Sky Sports" and other media latest at Mmogo news, the three gods will soon be staged a heaven and earth diversion. "Team newspaper" to bring the news is that Manchester United has Taurus goalkeeper Loris on personal treatment to reach an agreement, Tottenham also acquiesced to the French country moved to Old Trafford, Manchester United and Tottenham later official official negotiations will open , Is expected to offer 25 million euros, once the transfer,

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