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16 августа 2017 г. 06:21

Pointed out that in NBA Live Mobile Coins

The British "Telegraph" pointed out that in  NBA Live Mobile Coins fact alone on the Farno loan this year, Manchester United to pay the actual cost of 24 million pounds, of which 6 million pounds to remove the rental costs, Manchester United in the year to bear Falcao nearly 18 million pounds of full annual salary, so the cost of rent is unprecedented. "In fact,


Manchester United spent 65 million euros (about 58 million pounds) has bought out the Falcao, and the fact that Manley has spent 65 million euros (about 58 million pounds) Signed for 4 years, but consider the UEFA financial fair policy factors, the first year must be in the form of leasing to Cheap Madden Coins join. "For the club to sign the Falcao, Manchester United manager Van Gaal is very pleased that he praised Falcao is" high Shooter "," not to be missed ".


 Manchester United became a local tycoon in the summer, spending heavily on the introduction of Herrera (£ 29 million), Luke Shaw (27 million pounds), Rojo (£ 16 million), Dimaliya (£ 59.7 million), Brind (£ 14 million), Falcao (£ 58 million) and other players, the transfer fee total investment of 146 million pounds, coupled with the high cost of the French fee plus the annual salary, Manchester United's signings investment is expected to reach 170 million pounds. Since then,


Manchester United has become the first land in Europe, Manchester City, Paris, Real Madrid and other local tyrants are also weak compared to the. The reason why Manchester United is a local tyrant, the most important reason is that Manchester United buyers no plan, is completely arbitrary. Red Devils also group "flush" as early as before Manchester United, Real Madrid and Barcelona will have created the most luxurious today's football flush.

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